5 Home Workout Videos You’re Ashamed To Admit You Owned

5 Home Workout Videos You’re Ashamed To Admit You Owned


Before Kanye had a “Workout Plan,” there’s a good chance your TV set also served as your at-home trainer. In honor of May being National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (it’s also coincidentally National Hamburger Month), we are throwing it back to these home workout videos you low-key worked out to and think we don't know.

Before teens rushed home to watch TRL, they were rushing home to workout to The Grind, Real World alum Eric Nies’ hip hop aerobic workout show. Yes, you read that correctly. Nies motivated you by shouting “Yo!” throughout the show while you sweated to “This Is How We Do It,” so that made it hip hop [Sarcasm].

"Sweatin’ To The Oldies"

Richard Simmons created a haven for the overweight in the city of the overly shallow with his welcoming gym in L.A. As its popularity grew and his over-the-top personality gained notoriety, Richard Simmons’ home workout videos were created and sold millions worldwide. And who can forget Eddie Murphy’s epic parody of Simmons in The Nutty Professor?

"Tae Bo"

Raise your hand if Billy Blanks had you punching, kicking, sweating and screaming in the ‘90s. Blanks’ taekwondo and boxing workout videos sold over 1.5 million copies by the new millennium. Even gyms offered Tae Bo classes. Now Blanks is worth $30 million and those VHS tapes are collecting dust in your basement next to your Bowflex and Kris Kross CDs.

"Buns of Steel"

Former pole vault champ Greg Smithey was a savior for women and men who suffered from noassatall*, but wanted to fill out their Jordache jeans. The best part about the moves in Buns of Steel was that you completed most of them lying on your side allowing you to multitask. You could complete a crossword puzzle, play your Gameboy, or eat a Charleston Chew.

"The Marky Mark Workout"

Back when he was a Calvin Klein model and rapper named Marky Mark, Mark Wahlberg was also a fitness instructor. This tape is actually pretty good and still useful today if you can get past the fact that it looks like the beginning of a low-budget adult film at times. The "Good Vibrations" performer offers tips on proper form, stretching and nutrition. Fun fact The Marky Mark Workout was co-created by Wahlberg’s childhood friend Johnny Alves, the inspiration behind Kevin Dillon’s Entourage character Johnny Drama.

*Translation: No Ass At All

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