When Will Smith rapped about summertime in '91, he talked about firing up the grill, shooting hoops, and spitting game at honeys. But for some reason, he didn't address sweating through your clothes on the way to work, clogged pores, and the importance of clipping your toenails. I guess those didn't rhyme with "Whoo! Ha Ha!"

As the seasons change, so should your grooming techniques and habits. What works in the winter, won't necessarily work, or be needed, in the summer months.

Here are 5 grooming notes you should jot down.


How To Sweatproof Your Outfit

There are few things more embarrassing than arriving to a function looking like you've been attacked by a bunch of tweens with super soakers. For summer months, moisture wicking underwear is your friend. Swap out your cotton tees and boxers for sweat-wicking pieces you typically workout in to keep you dry. Sweat-wicking fabric pulls moisture away from your skin to help you keep your cool.


How To Pick The Right Cologne

You know the saying "dress for the job you want?" Well, we say you should "smell like the vibe you want." Summer vibes are beachy, airy, crisp, and clean. And since your body temperature will be rising, you want to leave the heavier scents on the shelf until the colder months. The easiest thing to do is to reach for colognes with "summer" in the name. But if you're really looking to do the work, ask the expert on site to show you bottles with citrus, fruit, and floral top notes. The fresh, light scents mixed with your natural body heat will attract the right amount of attention.


How To Keep Your Feet Public Ready

This is just straightforward advice: if you're going to wear sandals this summer, you need to get your feet in formation. No one wants to see your dry, cracked heels or your crazy yellow toenails. Commit to getting a pedicure now and again in a couple of weeks. Let an expert sandblast your hooves and trim your talons. You may not be able to ward off predators, or use them to climb trees, but at least you won't slice up the sheets or your date's legs at night. Moisturize your feet daily just as you should the rest of your body. You really should be doing this 365.


How To Moisturize Your Face

Pay close attention to how you moisturize your face in the summer. When sweat mixes with heavy oils and chemicals, your pores can get more clogged than a toilet in a frat house on taco night. In the winter, you need heavy moisturizers to battle the brutally cold temps. You don't need 'em in the summer. Pick up oil-free hydrators and lightweight moisturizers. Also, consider using a charcoal mask once a month in the summer to deep clean your pores and pull out all of the summer time junk. Sweat, sand, chlorine, and dirt are sticking to your pores like white on rice. Charcoal is the best at sucking all of that out like a terrible two-year old sucks the joy out of parenting.


How To Care For Your Hair

Your hair—on your face and your head—is the last part of your body to get any essential vitamins and nutrients from what you eat and drink. In other words, the rest of your body fixes their plate at the BBQ and then your hair is left with store-brand soda and cheese puffs. Drink lots of water to keep your hair hydrated from the inside out and avoid fatty, greasy foods that leave your hair dry and dull. Also, when styling your hair and beard, swap out oily products for lightweight creamy ones that won't weigh your hair down, clog your pores, or have you dripping in too much finesse.


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