One of the biggest reasons for the relaunch/brand was for us to find a way to become apart of your world. We feel like our journal puts us one step closer. How? The SCOTCH PORTER Journal will feature guys like YOU! We'll sit down with you and tell your story - what's happening in your world and the things that pique your interest, and are important to you. We want to know what makes you go! Look forward to...


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Alex Sanchez

I switch to Scotch Porter this week and I love it. I just ordered the skincare line with the same expectations. I’m really interested in a Scotch Porter Shave cream, make it happen.
Thank you


Just receive my first package through the mail very excited


Wondering if it helped grow got some spots that don’t grow in and I really want to have a full beard wondering if your product help the spots that don’t grow and grow


Scotch Porter is the real deal

Alieu Jallow

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