The fall is a time when we forget our beach bods and embrace our dad bods. One way we get plump during this time is by drinking. And drinking. And drinking. And then we’re drunk so we eat more. It’s a vicious cycle.

The solution? Find cocktails that make you less fat. Or less drunk. Or both. Here are suggestions for ways to make it through the upcoming holiday season full of holiday work parties, family get togethers, and catch up drinks without adding too many pounds.





Low Fat Eggnog—Eggnog is one of the biggest offenders of fattening holiday cocktails. Try this high-protein, low fat version instead.

Healthy Dark and Stormy—This one uses easy-to-make ginger syrup instead of sugary ginger beer.

Skinny Apple Champagne Martini—A sure way to impress your friends without dousing them with sugar.

Fresh Bloody Mary—Bloody marys are actually one of the healthiest cocktails around if you use fresh ingredients and don’t fill them with sugar.

Skinny Hot Buttered Rum—A healthier take on an underrated holiday classic.

Apple Cider Sangria—Apple cider vinegar is the key ingredient to this healthier spin on fall flavors. Can also be made virgin without wine and it’s just as delicious.

Spice and Ginger Ale—Seedlip is a “non-alcoholic” spirit that’s taking the world by storm. Not only won’t it make you fat, it won’t make you drunk either. It’s perfect for fall with tangy classics made of more aromatic herb flavors that don’t include alcohol.


Written by Isaac Simpson

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