Here's a list of essentials that our Creative Director, Iquan Worthington, must have to get his job done:

  • MacBook Pro 17 inch - A big scene is everything to me, from designing large websites in Photoshoot to Editing videos in Final Cut. 
  • Canon Rebel 4ti - Yes, this is a consumer DSLR, but I can get a lot done with this. Because I shoot mostly web videos and take images for online, I get the job done with this. Plus, its light weight and convenient for travel. 
  • GoPro Black Edition - Nowadays, A Gopro should be on everyone's essential list, this mini camera is perfect for capturing all types of moments, without having a camera. 
  • Zoom H1 Mic - Again, sticking with convenience, this mic is very good for capturing the voice overs that I do as well as interviewing and grabbing notes. I love that I can put it in my pocket. 
  • Puma Suede - I have about 6 pairs of these in different colors, I love that I can be in a t-shirt with jeans on my Urban Exploring mood and that I can wear a collar shirt and pants when meeting in a professional setting.
  • Kellogs Fruit Snacks - My favorite snack, I steal these from my kids. It's a light snack to have on the go.
  • Joby Gorilla Pod - I use this for selfies and when I vlog. I hate when the camera is too close to the face. With this it's hard to tell that I'm even holding a camera. 
  • Hard Drives by Western Digital - I have a hard drive dedicated to Scotch Porter, another for all my other client work, then another for videos and photos. You can never have enough of these.  
  • Beats by Dre - I got these for free, I'm not a brand whore. However, despite what people say, I love these headphones. They get the job done. 
  • Tamron 18-200mm Lens - I personally hate switching lenses, so with this bad boy, I can cover a lot of ground with just these two lenses. 
  • Mini Wacom Tablet - I retired my mouse along time ago, this is better for your wrist. I have a huge one at my main desk and use this whenever I'm away. I also use this for sketching. 
  • And always I bring Scotch Porter's Hair Balm, I love the texture and scent  the Hair Balm provides when either shooting, meeting with clients or date night with the wife. 


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