If you’ve been feeling restless, the reason is obvious yet hard to admit. Checking your phone every five seconds has become a worse habit than cigarettes ever were, yet we still aren’t totally equipped to fight the urge. Still, studies are very clear that phone addiction is the cause of all sorts of issues from depression and anxiety to bad cardiovascular health.

To break the spell, here are 9 places you can go to unplug, not because you want to, but because you have to because your phone won’t connect to the internet.




  1. Treebones – Yurts built up in the trees define this incredible glamping resort overlooking the pacific in Big Sur. Check out the sushi restaurant in a tent.
  2. Sequoia High Sierra Camp –  It’s a one mile hike in and there is no cell service whatsoever, but a chef makes a lavish five course meal every night!
  3. Bali House – A Hawaiian cottage 30 minutes from the nearest town. It’s access to black sand beaches where no one can find you, on the phone or otherwise.
  4. Casa Violeta – The extremely spotty wifi and remote jungle location make this Mexican destination a perfect getaway. Plus if you get bored you can go party in Tulum, one of the world’s top EDM destinations at the moment.
  5. Death Valley House—This modernist hut on stilts is truly in the middle of nowhere, way deep into the desert and disconnected from all forms of communication.
  6. Quirpon Lighthouse Inn – Representing the East Coast we have this Canadian destination way, way far out into ultra-remote Newfoundland. No cell service or Wifi to speak of, but there are plenty of whales to look at.
  7. Sheldon Chalet – The only destination on the list accessible only by plane or helicopter. This Alaskan lodge in Denali National Park is so remote at 6,000 feet that there aren’t really any animals around, outside of a mastodon graveyard.
  8. Turtle Island – This digital detox resort encompasses an entire Island in Fiji. It’s focused on couples—the only guests are 14 couples at a time. Talk about exclusive.
  9. Camino de Santiago – Can’t leave Europe off the list. This is less of a single destination than a moving one. Camino de Santiago is a 500 mile walking pilgrimage trail that begins in France and ends in Spain. But no camping, it’s all hotels and hostels along the way.


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