New Year’s Eve is a time to party, no matter where you are. It’s a time to enjoy some good drinks, some positive vibes with the hope that every new year brings with it. This New Year’s Eve will be no different, no matter where you celebrate.

We are all familiar with the celebrations of New York City, today we take a look at five other cities other than NYC to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Each destination offers a ton to do, see, and experience, and each puts their unique flare on the festivities. Check out the list below and start planning your trip immediately!


Memphis is perfect for New Year’s Eve, packed full with a broad range of music, nightlife, and plenty more to experience. The city is also host to luxury, boutique, and even business hotels offering up a wide variety of spots to stay in all price ranges. With plenty to see and do, the city always puts together quite an event for New Year’s Eve that is worth checking out. Enjoy something unique to bring in the New  Year!

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What isn’t to love about Atlanta? Every year the southern city is host to the Peach Drop, which finds an 800-pound peach drop at midnight in downtown. Downtown ATL is host to some fantastic hotels, nightlife, bars and plenty of great food; which will all culminate in quite the adventure for New Year’s Eve. Looking for something different on New Year’s Eve? Head south visit the ATL!

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Los Angeles

If you have spent any time in L.A., then you know that New Year’s Eve will something worth being a part of. Southern California offers anything and everything you could desire, making it a rather hot spot for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The weather is great; the people are beautiful, and the parties are sure to be next level. What more do you want? Visit Los Angeles and bring in 2017 in west coast fashion.

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San Francisco

San Francisco is always a great place to visit, and during New Year’s Eve, it’s something special. You can catch a view of one of the most impressive New Year’s fireworks displays from almost any high perch. The city is full of excellent vantage points, while there is also the annual silent-film screening at Grace Cathedral during this time as well. Celebrate in style in San Francisco!

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What isn’t to love about Miami. Home of South Beach, expect some warmer weather and some amazing experience. South Beach is home to some bars, clubs, lounges and more, all letting you enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebration on the water; which always makes for an amazing sight. A South Beach party is like none other, and certainly worth the trip!

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