Now that it is a new year, it is a perfect time for a new you. It is time for great first impressions, a more stylish approach to life, and it is time for our 'New Year Essentials Contest.' If you are looking to update and upgrade your look and style this season, we've got just the way to do so. Our 'New Year Essentials Contest' provides all you need to accent and step up your lifestyle including elements of fashion, brilliant spirits and much more.

With ten ways to enter, seven winners will be selected daily for the Scotch Porter Collection including The Ultimate Beard Collection and Charcoal & Licorice Skin Care Collection. This provides everything you need to grow and groom your amazing beard while providing healthier looking skin in the process. The grand prize, however, is up for one special winner, which includes the Scotch Porter Holiday Essentials Collection. The collection is full of what we find to be essentials for the Scotch Porter man this year. This includes everything from the Scotch Porter collection mentioned above, while also adding an excellent Cashmere Scarf, Ruinart Champagne Blanc de Blancs, a pair Polo Tweed-Leather Gloves, a Mustard Piped Flower Lapel Pin, and an Axcent Pocket Watch. If that was not compelling enough, we are also providing a $50 Groupon Gift Card for your use.

Style, spirits, accents and more, this is the perfect way to kick off a great new year. Do yourself a favor, head over to enter the Scotch Porter New Year Essentials Contest right now, and to you, we wish the best of luck!

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