Valentine’s Day is over and done with, and you are probably still snacking on sweets. This time of the year is always an overload of sweets from the Holiday season all the way through Valentine’s Day, and today we put a stop to all of it immediately. Today we take a look the perfect way to cure that sweetness hangover, some delicious steak.

New York City is home to some of the most fantastic steakhouses on the planet and today we take a look at five of the best. After all the sweets, pastries and candies we have all indulged in over the past few months, a good steak will be a welcome treat to switch things up. Have a look at our selections below and let us know what you think.

Keens Steakhouse

If you are in the city and looking for a savory, award-winning spot to enjoy a great steak, Keens is exactly that. Open since 1885 this legendary steakhouse is old school through and through. The design finds an atmospheric space with dark woods, fireplaces, and centuries-old period photographs and political cartoons. The menu is packed full of classic selections such as porterhouse steaks, T-bones, New York sirloin while sides like creamed spinach, buttered carrots, and hand-cut fries round things out in a hearty way. If you are in for a challenge, the 26oz mutton chop is worth putting a dent in. Head to Keens and head to a heavenly steak!

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Another spot rich in history and culinary brilliance is Delmonico's. Delmonico’s was the first fine-dining restaurant to open in New York and has been serving up some stunning steaks since 1837. This location's rich history includes J.P. Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and more who have dined there, while also being credited as the inventor of dishes like baked Alaska, eggs Benedict, and lobster Newburg. These days they offer an old school experience with murals depicting early 20th-century NYC life. Their signature Delmonico steak is definitely worth putting on your plate, but their filet mignon and 40-day dry aged bone-in rib eye are worth coming back for. Eat well in the city and eat at Delmonico's!

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Quality Eats is one of the newest locations on the list, but don't let that fool you. Quality Eats adds a whole new approach to the steakhouse experience, offering up a modern approach with some classic flavor. Affordable and flavorful, Quality Eats offers a $19 bavette, a $24 flatiron, $27 short rib and hanger, and skirt for $28. The most expensive cut on the menus is the “Don Ameche" for $29 or the brisket for two, which still comes in at just $35. While their steaks are next level, their brilliant sides such as the creamed spinach hush puppies and baked potato monkey bread make for quite a unique and great tasting experience! Switch it up and leave full at Quality Eats!

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Peter Luger Steakhouse

If you are looking for the most authentic 'New York' steakhouse experience, Peter Luger is it. This fantastic location has been open since 1887 and has been a the top of too many lists to name. It was also awarded the James Beard "America's Classics" status in 2002, and one taste will prove why. Their specialty is the broiled USDA Prime dry-aged porterhouse single steak while side dishes such as extra-thick bacon, shrimp cocktail, creamed spinach, onion rings, and more provide a nice finishing touch. If steak is not your thing, they offer a lunch-only burger that is made from 1/2 lb. of tender prime dry-aged beef. Enjoy an authentic experience in steak in the city!

Benjamin Steakhouse

This unique location is found inside the Dylan Hotel and offers up some brilliant ambiance as well as flavor. Benjamin Steakhouse is set in a classically designed space with high ceilings and dark wood treatments. The menu features a Luger-style porterhouse, served for two, three, or four, while also featuring an array of other classic cuts in the process. The portions are massive, incredibly flavorful, while the sides are a perfect pairing to the meats. The meat is dry-aged on site, offering brilliant taste and an enjoyable experience. Have a steak and have a classic New York City experience in the process!

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