Accentuate With Accessories | Five Ways To Update Your Look & Accessorize Your Style

Accentuate With Accessories | Five Ways To Update Your Look & Accessorize Your Style


Your style is more than what you are wearing. Style is a term that encompasses your look, your wardrobe and your accessories; as well as they way you put it all together and carry yourself. So if you are seeking to step up your style, first start with updating and upgrading your accessories.

There is a broad range of ways to do exactly that, putting a finishing touch on  your outfit that can bring the whole together flawlessly. This includes headwear designs, wallets, jewelry, bags for traveling and much more. Today we get a look at five ways to update your look and accessorize your style, offering some unique ways to stand out in the crowd, all while keeping things clean and fresh. Have a look below for more information and let us know your thoughts after the jump.


Headwear is an excellent way to step up your style, as well as a great way to accent your look. For most of us a ball cap of some sort is the go to for our day to day grind, but why not switch things up? You are looking for style, right? Brands such as Kangol offer up a classic and wide range of designs. From sleek and classic, to loud more contemporary looks, Kangol has everything you will need to accent your style and update your look for the months ahead. Stay on the hunt too as Kangol is always dropping new styles, designs and color schemes depending on the season. Step it up with style!


What was once merely a form of carrying all your daily necessities, the wallet has evolved into a stylish way to add to your style. Sure, you probably rock the classic bi-fold or tri-fold designs, but why not update your life with something new from Grovemade. Grovemade makes some eye-catching designs that are both easy to use and stylish all in one package. Their minimalist wallet is a sleek and straightforward design that provides a great way to carry your cards on the go. Their other wallet option, the classic bi-fold offers a modern and stylish twist on the iconic design. Style does not stop at what you wear.


Fellas, jewelry is not just for the ladies. While you do not want to over do things, jewelry is a classic way to accent any style. As you know, a good timepiece can go a long way, and recently we provided some stunning options to check out here. Any of these would be reliable options, while MVMT Watches also offers a broad range of style at a reasonable price. Besides the usual, an excellent necklace, bracelet, even rings and things can add to your style. Vitaly Design comes with a range of cool, minimal jewelry that is sure to round out your look nicely, providing some interesting appeal in the process. Let your style shine!


Our day to day life these days warrants a bag. Some of us like backpacks, others are more into messengers, totes, or even a nice briefcase. Well with selections from the likes of Brothers Leather Supply, Herschel Supply and more, you have a broad choice of options. Brothers Leather Supply comes with a full range of choices for both men and women, and their attention to detail and quality is unrivaled. Herschel Supply also comes with a massive selection of designs that includes something for everyone, boasting style and function all the way around. Bag it up and step your style up in the process!


Pins may not seem like the ideal way to accent your style, until you find the right one. Lapel pins have taken on a whole new life these days thanks in part to brands such as PINTRILL. PINTRILL comes with some eye-catching and iconic pins that range from classic designs including some of our favorite cartoon characters and more, while rocking more contemporary designs that include emojis, slang words and phrases throughout. Go small, but go stylish!

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