An Endless Journey of Cultivating, Growing and Inspiring: The Scotch Porter Fall 2017 Campaign

An Endless Journey of Cultivating, Growing and Inspiring: The Scotch Porter Fall 2017 Campaign


Take it from our self-made Founder and CEO: A man’s journey through life isn’t easy. There are times when everything is heading in the right direction like after you get a promotion, remembering your anniversary or even something as small as dominating those “smack talkers” on the basketball court. But those moments are usually far and few between feeling unappreciated at work, neglected by someone special in your life or just beat down by all of the responsibilities that come with being a man. That’s why it’s so important for us men to remember how damn resilient we all are! No. Matter. What. We’re not complainers. We’re not quitters. We take pride in our accomplishments, but more importantly, we hold ourselves accountable if we drop the ball. Above all, we have an inner desire to become the best possible version of ourselves.

At Scotch Porter, we believe, a man achieving his dreams and living up to his fullest potential can be broken down to three simple truths with the intent to never look, feel, and be anything less than great:

  1. Cultivating what you have and what you want to become
  2. Growing in different ways, being nimble but focused
  3. Inspiring others along your way



Cultivate. This is a fancy way of saying don’t lose focus on what you already have going on but also don’t forget to plant the seeds you want to flourish in your future. Continue to show appreciation for the loved ones in your life and the little things that make you look and feel your best (like getting a haircut at your favorite barbershop). Who and what currently makes you happy today will help keep you centered and motivated, and give you the passion to tackle even greater things tomorrow.

Grow. What are the things you’d like to be better at? What are the ways you can get there? And what are you doing about it? Many say they want to achieve more but forget about the energy and drive needed to push forth their careers, improve their relationships, and strengthen both their minds and bodies. Show up for your dreams and take control of your growth; whether that means making your way through a really long book or even changing your look by growing a beard, it serves as an indicator to yourself and others that a change has occurred within you.

Inspire. Lastly, every man leaves a legacy behind. Will yours be based on how much you took from this world, or how much you gave back? Part of putting your best face forward isn’t just about how good you look, it’s also about serving as an example of how a man should live his life and be a positive inspiration, commanding and giving respect to others.

Whether you’re new to the brand or a loyal consumer, we are here to take the journey with you. It’s all about having conversations that push, elevate, and inspire while providing you with products that deliver results.

Now it’s your turn…We want to hear from you. Share your Cultivating, Growing & Inspiring moments with us on your favorite social channels. Be sure to tag your posts with #CGISP for your chance to be featured on the official @ScotchPorter platforms.

Let Fall begin…

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