No matter your age, ethnicity or upbringing, nothing is more powerful than knowledge. As the world continues to shift and change around you it's necessary to step outside the box of basic mainstream education. It's fair to say that general systems of education are intended to give you a basic level of information to adequately prepare you to function in society.

But as history has shown us certain people are expected to function differently than others. The opportunity and potential people have based on their education varies as well. We are living in a time where information far beyond what we are taught in school is available to us at the push of a button.

With so many of us currently confined to our homes it's a great time to take advantage and sharpen our minds a bit. In certain circumstances, we have been short-changed in terms of the amount of financial education that is provided to us. Fortunately it's never too late to smarten up and here are a few podcasts to help us do just that. The Paychecks and Balances podcast is a digital treasure chest of fiscal jewels, hacks and strategies. Hosted by Rich Jones (no pun intended) and Marcus Garrett, various money matters are broken down and dissected for easy understanding. They interview financial experts, entrepreneurs and an overall array of relatable people sharing their experience and knowledge on how to have a better relationship with money. It’s essential listening that's easy to digest. 


And then there’s the Brown Ambition Pod hosted by Tiffany The Budgetnista and Mandi Woodruff. They tackle issues like debt, salary negotiations and real time wealth building. These ladies deliver valuable content that you’ll wish you learned earlier on in life. 

Along with those amazing pods we’d also recommend this short documentary via Next Gen Personal Finance, “The Most Important Class You Never Had”. Especially as a father it’s very interesting seeing the knowledge journey of current students and the limited financial guidance they generally receive. TMICYND dives into this topic following one student and 8 finance teachers. It’s an eye opening watch especially remembering the things we weren’t taught growing up.   

Financial Literacy is a space where many of us are playing catch up but fortunately there are more than a few tools available to us to back in the race. While socializing remains distant and much of outside is closed, carve a little time to get your mind and money right.

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