Celebrate Black History Month in an Impactful Way

Celebrate Black History Month in an Impactful Way


Black History Month was started in 1915 as Negro History Week by Carter G. Woodson and other notable African Americans. What started out as a week-long celebration of Black Americans and their achievements, gained national momentum and became what we know today as Black History Month. In 1976 President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month.  


Black History Month is a time to honor Black history and celebrate Black culture and the many accomplishments of Black Americans. There are many ways to pay homage but following are a few to consider this Black History Month. 


Support Black-owned Businesses 

You can show appreciation and support by shopping at and spreading the word about Black-owned businesses. As of 2021, there were 134,567 Black-owned employer businesses in the United States so there are plenty of options of goods and services to patronize, like yours truly, Scotch Porter.  


Learn the About Black History and Share it With Others  

Learn about influential Black people and inventors like Frederick Douglas, Marie Van Brittan Brown, Granville Woods, Alexander Miles, Dr. Patricia Bath, Wally Amos, and countless others. The contributions Black Americans have made to society are far and wide, yet their impact is unknow in many rooms. This is the perfect time to learn about them and their legacy. 


Support or Donate to Organizations that Advocate for Equality  

It's 2023 and the struggle for equality and justice for all persists. There are organizations that advocate for the equality of Black people, learn about their mission and work, and get involved. 


Read Books by Black Authors  

Reading books by Black authors is important in sharing Black stories and experience. It helps us to better understand the world around us. The richness of these stories helps break barriers. 


Attend Black History Celebrations  

Attend Black History Month events. These events are usually an opportunity to connect with others, hear from panels, and support black businesses/vendors.  


There is not just one way to honor Black History Month. Just be sure to do it in a way that acknowledges the richness of the many stories and contributions that so many Black Americans have poured into society. Happy Black History Month!  

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