International Women's Day is celebrated to bring attention to the issues that impact women around the world, including gender equality, reproductive rights, violence, and abuse. 


On this International Women’s Day we acknowledge the road women have traveled and look to the path ahead as we thank our colleagues here at Scotch Porter for their hard work, dedication, and contributions to the Scotch Porter community.


Meet some of the women we stand beside as we celebrate Women’s History Month.



Shannah Richardson 
Customer Success & Fulfillment Strategist


Why is it important that we celebrate International Women's Day?

Women are powerful, exceptional and capable of anything that we put our minds to. The barriers that have been broken by those before us and the barriers that will continue to be broken display our resilience and our desire to walk to the beat of our own drum, despite what society has to say about it.





Aldwiny Beauport 
Director of Finance 


Which powerful woman do you admire the most and why?

I would have to say it’s my mom. I am a strong woman because I’ve watched my mother overcome obstacles and hurdles that would have broken so many others. To see her strength and resilience helps me to move fearlessly in my purpose. She has taught me to never seek validation from anyone. Relax and understand that “What is for me will always be for me.” She is my rock and will always be celebrated in my book.





Jaimee Gomez
Executive Assistant to CEO


Which powerful woman do you admire the most and why?

I admire women that are mothers. The mothers that just changed their 100th diaper at 3:00 am while they’re running on 2 hours of sleep. The mothers that put their families in front of everything including themselves. The mothers that have experienced loss but still keep hope. The mothers that don’t stop just because they’re tired, they keep going. For me, there is nothing stronger, more resilient, and fierce than a woman that is a mother.





Christina Chalmers 
Brand Manager


It is vital to celebrate International Women’s Day to acknowledge all of the accomplishments women have given to the world and to focus on the work that is still needed to achieve equity. Every change maker, innovator, entrepreneur, leader, teacher and more came from a woman. Women literally make the world go round. International Women’s Day serves as a wonderful reminder to show gratitude towards the women who continue to selflessly give to make the world a better place. Whether that is through giving the women in your life their flowers or learning more about what can be done in the fight towards equity.





Carel Hearon 
VP of Growth


Coming from a family of strong women, I've been taught at a young age to always support other women. There's nothing more powerful than women having each other's backs. At Scotch Porter, I couldn't be more proud to work amongst some of the most inspiring, hard working, and empowering women in the biz! #DreamTeam





Aleesha Worthington 
VP of Brand


Why is it important that we celebrate International Women's Day?

International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on this exact moment in time to honor the women you love and or the woman you are. It’s not often that we take inventory of our accomplishments as overcoming adversity is a part of the norm for a lot of us. This International Women’s Day I pay homage to the women behind me and in front of me who’ve paved the way. We must all continue to lean into our gifts and use them to impact the world. Remember that choosing and betting on YOU is always a win. Go get em’!