Changing Seasons, Changing Hair Care

Changing Seasons, Changing Hair Care


It’s been three to four months of vacationing in heat and being heavily acquainted with the sun and its rays of supernatural power. In between our vacation time and summer drinks, we’ve been laxed with some practices. But as the cold climate creeps up on us, we’ll have to reach for more than just our blankets and a hot cup of tea. The cycle of seasons gives a healthy start to a routine and introduction into the discovery of new products. Drastic changes in weather can lead to a more concentrated effort on maintaining healthy hair. If you have a hair care regimen that’s effective, remain consistent throughout the seasons and conscious of any bodily functions that may affect you and your hair growth. Here are some things to consider over the next couple of months.

Moisturizing: Whether you’re dealing with heavy winds or strong sunbeams, moisturizing is a necessary practice in all grooming efforts. It’s a yearlong responsibility that keeps the hair under constant protection and prevents the everyday evils of dryness and breakage. Moisturizer is like the police, ensuring hair acts correctly under the law. Moisturizing correctly can leave hair full, voluminous, and packed with hydration. It’s not something you want to drop the ball on, especially during changing seasons. Your body already has to adjust to the changing climate so it’s not a good time to deprive your hair of hydration.


Shampooing less: We’ve shared previously that over-shampooing the hair can lead to dryness, including dry scalp which is another nightmare itself. But that doesn’t mean a person should stop washing their hair. Shampooing is a lifestyle commandment in the realm of general cleanliness. Changing seasons does not mean rethinking whether you should actually wash your hair; it’s extremely important to keep your hair clean, buildup only leads to bad things. Instead, during the season change, take the time to explore new shampoo products. A shampoo loaded with harsh chemical detergents mixed with warm weather can lead to disastrous dry scalp. If anything, take a look at a few brands of shampoos and read the ingredients to determine if the shampoo you’re using is the best choice. You may come across a shampoo that does the same job with less chemical interference.

Mint-Condition: Like your favorite dessert, it’s not complete without layers of toppings. Conditioning is that seasonal necessity that tops the sweet experience of hair cleansing. Hair won’t be able to bounce, have volume, elasticity, and movement without the power of conditioning. From the heatwave of South Beach to the brisk winds of Chicago, they’re both locations with extreme weather climates that are not immune to conditioner. From hat hair to hat-free, we want our hair to behave.

Note: For colder weather, if you’re used to letting conditioner sit in the hair for a few minutes, wait a few more minutes before rinsing to ensure it does its job.


Indiana Jones of Hair: For some, new seasons may call for hibernation skills. Special evenings of “Netflix and Chill” can leave time to explore new things with your hair. We always hear about special treatments and DIY products that are super beneficial and cost effective. This interest opens up endless possibilities for caring for your hair. Use some of your downtime to put your chemistry skills to the test, try a few natural DIY hair treatments. From DIY leave in conditioner to apple cider vinegar rinse, these simple treatments are refreshing ways to cleanse and moisturize the hair through seasonal rotations.


Grow & Tell: The trees are not be the only thing that keeps growing from the root. Many men will visit the mirror within a new season contemplating the beardsman journey. After coming in contact with fellow beardsman and coming to terms with the responsibility, some “stubble students” may be up for the challenge for the next couple months in hopes of gaining a full beard. Keep your clippers handy and all materials for maintaining healthy stubble and facial hair growth. For some, bearded men are full of sexy masculinity. So make sure your hair is polished and ready for action as you step into a new season of routine manscaping.

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