Cold Weather & Cool Style | A Guide To Coats For Winter 2016

Cold Weather & Cool Style | A Guide To Coats For Winter 2016


Winter is officially here, like it or not. That means that the cold weather is here to stay for a few more months, and it’s something you should be switching up your style to deal with. Winter is a great time to be stylish, and this year marks a rather big year in outerwear.

Bomber jackets are all the rage this Winter, as are classic and clean materials which makes for some stylish combinations. Today we take a look at the world of outerwear while giving you a Guide To Coats For Winter 2016. Have a look below and add some style to your season immediately!


The creative minds over at Penfield come with all you would ever need for the cold time of the year. 2016 finds them diving deep into the world of bombers, coming with a range of clean and well-suited color schemes for the season. Penfield offers up excellent quality construction with classic material, providing a must have for the season and your style. Check out their new bombers, as well as their bigger, more durable designs for those frigid days as well!

Just Hype!

The UK based brand, Hype has indeed updated their look this season; especially in their outerwear selections. Hype comes with a range of bombers this season which is sure to add to your style, doing so with some striking colors and excellent attention to detail throughout. They also offer other sleek outerwear designs, but this season is all about the bomber. Be sure to get the right color for your seasonal style, and do so soon!

Cayler & Sons

You may not be familiar with Cayler & Sons, but you should be! Coming with bold style, Cayler & Sons offers up the most outstanding selection in the world of bomber’s this season. Their unique wool bomber is the perfect selection for a stylish winter, offering up a thick material for the outside, while the inside is graced in light, quality denim. Cayler & Sons also has you covered in a range of sweaters, hoodies and more for the season, but their bomber is certainly a stand out for style!

Alpha Industries

Known for their outerwear craftsmanship, Alpha Industries is at it again. This time around they pair up with Les Benjamins for a clean, modern take on the classic bomber. The eye-catching design offers up an excellent color with some nice attention to detail inside and out. The subtle branding keeps the fresh approach, while Alpha Industries craftsmanship can be seen throughout. Nothing to sleep on here, and certainly, something that should be in your wardrobe immediately!

Fred Perry

Fred Perry is a brand known for style, and this season they are at it once again with a broad range of outerwear and more. Their range includes field jackets and heavier selections, while the real style is found in their creative bombers. Outstanding attention to detail is always associated with Fred Perry, and their bombers are host to plenty. The designs rock subtle branding, classic colors and iconic material selections that make for a perfect choice this season. Add something new to your style this season!


Feature Photo: Ron Hill Photography


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