Cool Weather Skin Care

Cool Weather Skin Care


It’s easy to just “tough it out” when it comes to skin care during the harsh winter months. Most, if not all, of us have graduated from the slathering of petroleum jelly momma put on our faces as a moisturizer in the cold days of our youth. However, while we no longer participate in this pore clogging ritual, many men are left lost with how to properly care for their skin during cold conditions. Well we’re here to help and give you a few tips on how to keep your skin butter soft like your leather jacket and Timbs. 

Cleanse Gently

Many cleansers can strip your skin of moisture, but you still have to wash your face so what’s a guy to do? Reach for a gentle, cream-based cleanser that can hydrate your skin. In order to thoroughly remove the grime from the surface of your skin before it clogs your pores, be sure to cleanse your skin morning and night. 

One of the most common winter skin concerns is the buildup of dead skin cells making your skin feel rough and flaky. Also, this buildup will prevent your moisturizing products from absorbing properly. Exfoliate two to three times per week to remover built up impurities and dead skin cells.

Grab Some Beard Oil

Using beard oil will condition both your facial hair and the skin underneath. You can also use it to moisturize your face, as the natural oils are good to replenish your skin while also providing a protective layer against the elements. 

Body butter

Similar to the benefits of beard oil, body butters provide your skin with nutrients and replenish lost moisture. After showering, moisturize the skin on your body to avoid roughness and flakiness.


Let Scotch Porter help you get and keep that clean and smooth feel with our Face Care Collection. Our facial wash, protective lotion and exfoliating cream is idle for battling the harsh conditions your skin faces daily. 

Written By Marc Kelly

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