Fall Into The New Season With These Five Wardrobe Tips

Fall Into The New Season With These Five Wardrobe Tips



September, as many of us know, is the official start of the new fashion season and guess what else, new gear! Time to carefully pack up the ever trendy patterned, camp collar shirts, knee length shorts and fluorescent colored belt packs in exchange for a more polished selection of chunky knits, heavy trousers, comfortable outerwear, and weatherproof boots. But with an overwhelming array of designer offerings, where does one start?

First, understand that the Scotch Porter man is constantly evolving which means all areas of his life need to reflect the same progressive change. Secondly, the clothes, just like his grooming routine, needs to be organic, effective, and fuss-free. Lastly, envision a wardrobe that is directional yet functional and that suits all your needs for work, play, and the weekend. With that being said here are five rules of thumb that’ll help every man survive the autumn season.



Not to be confused with your father’s corduroy the newest designs are modern with a slim fit, tapered ankles, cargo pockets, and are available in a variety of hues from amber orange to washed black. Corduroys are easy to transition between work and play; make sure you select pieces that you’ll wear numerous times and not pieces that’ll sit in the back of your closet.

Tip: Dry clean only! If you try to hand or machine wash your corduroys, you may compromise the quality of the garment.










The Art of Layering

As a transplant to New York City I can proudly boast that we revolutionized the modern-day art of layering. A thin thermal legging underneath a cotton trouser, pairs well with a sweatshirt and oxford shirting combo and provides the option for leaving it on or taking it off depending on the temperature. Top it off with a classic outerwear piece, like an over or trench coat, which could work for a client dinner or a weekend brunch date. The science of it all: make sure each piece compliments the other.

Tip: Select from a neutral color palette and choose pieces that provide for easy transition.



Quality knitwear is an investment so purchase wisely! The heart of most cool weather outfits is a warm wool or tweed fuzzy fit. Forgo the typical cardigan and opt for a chunky knit that’ll work for either a weekend escapade to the Poconos or as a toss-on after leaving a much needed workout. There’s no need for a blazer, just wear it as is and allow the piece to serve as a conversation piece.

Tip: Step outside the gray box and choose a sweater with graphic design or medium-sized horizontal bright stripes.

Statement Socks

A huge trend that is carrying over from the summer is the statement sock. Having appeared on many street style blogs and worn by fashion-forward guys like A$AP Rocky. Pair these accessories with crop trousers, low trainers, and basic shirting.

Tip: Select bold, bright colors and even wear white tube socks with a black brogue shoe.

The Bomber Jacket

Take flight in a season favorite, the bomber jacket. A tad different from the one donned by Tom Cruise in Top Gun or the bulky, heavier piece spotted on Obama post-Oval Office, the newest selections are in light fabrications like silk and rayon with appliques or an array of patch workings.

Tip: Stay away from the light pinks and blues and gravitate towards chocolate browns, moss greens, and slate grays.



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