Feed The Soul: Good Habits to Pick Up While Quarantined At Home

Feed The Soul: Good Habits to Pick Up While Quarantined At Home


They may not be destructive but maybe a little hindrance with long-term behavioral consequences. So like your weekly trash, let’s bag it all up and drop them in the waste. See below some healthy habits to pick up while you're buried at home and plotting on your next move.


This thing called (reading)....

If you’re like me, then you’re blowing dust off some of those “favorite books of yours.” With only reading the cover page and maybe the preface, it’s clear there’s a stash of written material left to be discovered with your eyes. When’s the last time you turned a piece of literature (a bill doesn’t count)? I think we forget that literature can have a profound effect on us. Each author has an individual style that gets showcased thru their written works. Whether its self help, financial, fiction, biography, challenge yourself with a piece of literature that can expand your reading palette.


Closet Cleanout 

Before you hit “Buy Now” on that online shopping store, assess if it makes sense. Too many of us feed into impulse buying (no cap) failing to realize we have reached our max capacity on buying items or our credit cards (call for help at this point). There’s no use in justifying why you still wish to keep clothes that haven’t been used since last spring. Utilize this time and arrange clothes that could be resold. You may find yourself packed with clothes that could build into an online store for fast cash. Challenge your decision making skills and remove things that can easily add to clutter. This cleanout not only represents clothes but mentally filtering thru anything that may cause strain or irritation to your daily or weekly process.


Meal Prepping

Admit it, you’ve fully maxed out on chinese takeout. There’s only so much your stomach can take. With all this additional time, it leads to an opportunity to concoct your own dishes. Meal prepping is a great activity that contributes to a strong routine. Now is the time to apply all those helpful cooking tips received from friends and television shows. Don’t neglect the leafy greens and necessary vitamins to maintain a healthy immune system during these vulnerable times. You may still have seasonings and kitchen equipment that has yet to see the light of day. While home, try to prepare, up to three, new dishes that you’ve always wanted. The organizational behavior in prepping can assist in further keeping the mind and body stable.


Social Sabbatical

You haven’t even taken a shower and already updated your Instagram newsfeed three times. It may seem like an “activity” that helps pass time but can be mentally draining. Mindless scrolling indicates that lack of control we have. From instinctually clicking the app to the muscle memory of our hands, some fail to realize the massive amount of control this has on us. A social media vacation is the perfect call of action. Some may even temporarily delete the app from their phones. This is a great way to reduce social overindulgence and actively tackle other homemade tasks. Social apps are a resourceful tool in forging healthy relationships and establishing new connections but they must be moderated. Thankfully, most apps like Instagram can reveal your activity time so review that and set time limitations.

All you have to do is get started! #StaySafe

By: Darius Davie

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