Get In Touch With The Peace In You

Get In Touch With The Peace In You


When you say meditation, thoughts of someone sitting legs crossed with their fingers locked in a Zen position, with their eyes serenely closed might be the first image to come to mind. Truthfully, there are several different ways to meditate. Keep in mind that mediation is merely a mind state aimed at reaching calm and peace. It doesn’t belong to any set religion or faith. In a world of chaos, the ability to focus on peace is a valuable skill. Especially as the overall definition of manhood is evolving and opening up towards more emotional emphasis. There is nothing wrong with the traditional means of meditation, but if that alone doesn’t work for you, here are some alternatives that just might:

Guided meditation - a calming voice encourages you to go to a safe space to quiet your mind. Depending on what topic you want to focus on: relaxation, motivation, anxiety reduction, etc. Sanskrit chants may also work because the mind is less inclined to wander while saying words you’re likely not as familiar with. For example if you feel you need to work on advocating for yourself more, search for a Sanskrit chant that unblocks the throat chakra. 

Musical meditation - learning about this type can be a game changer. Using music that reminds you of or puts you in a cheerful mood is its own type of meditation. Music that invokes fun memories and happy feelings guide you to a space where you can draw from and attract more joyous feelings. So, create a playlist to dance, and literally put the law of attraction in motion.

Medibation - a portmanteau (SAT word lol) of meditation and masturbation is exactly that. You may be more familiar with what is referred to as “sex magic” which is the same concept of marrying sexual touch with meditation, but for this you don’t need a partner. Whilst enjoying pleasurable touch alone, concentrate on your intentions, desires, and emotions. As you approach climax bring those manifestations to the peak as well and release it all into the universe.

Frequencies - There are several Solfeggio healing frequencies and associated properties. They range from transformative to removing negative energy, to eradicating guilt. These frequencies are used to manipulate brainwaves and promote healing through the body and mind. Try small break sessions of 10 -15 mins soaking in these tones a few times a week.

Sounds - If songs are too much, and someone telling you how to calm down isn’t your thing, but absolute silence leaves you drowning in your own thoughts, try white noise sounds like a rainforests, beach waves, or even just a humming fan.

You may have to try each of these methods more than once before finding what works best for you. The benefits of meditation are endless so finding the style that best suits you is worth it. Most media streaming platforms offer meditative audio you can use to find your match. Carve out some time in your day to focus on you and make meditation a part of your world.  

"When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place." Bhagavad Gita 

 Written By Lola Lepaon


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