It was three weeks before the prom and I, like every guy was growing his hair out for braids (don't judge me, it was going down in the 99 and then 2000).  It was during that grow out phase that I realized, I was losing my hair. By the time I celebrated my 20th birthday, I was rocking a baldy and I've never looked back.

The importance of a man's haircut or style is one of those things we never talk about (kinda like how hard it is to find pants that fit our thighs—but I digress).  While we have a little bit less to worry about than women, there's still some etiquette when it comes to the styles we rock.

Below are a few fool proof tips on finding the look and the cut for that special moment.

Wedding season is upon us and whether you're a plus one or supporting your friend, looking dapper is a must.  That of course starts with wearing the right ensemble for the right event.

If it's a formal event, you'll want to go for a black tie-approved look.  That will be either a tuxedo (shawl collar if you can), patent loafers, and a bow tie to finish the look.  Generally you want to do a black tuxedo, but cobalt and white are acceptable for those a little more daring.

For semi-formal looks, wear a lightweight suit in neutral colors (tan or blue) and pair with a white or light blue shirt and a printed tie. Complete the look with loafers or monk-strap shoes. For the more fashion-forward guy, rock a double-breasted blazer or a printed jacket with solid pants.

For a destination wedding or semi-casual wedding, wear a crisp white button-up shirt with an air tie (read: buttoned all the way to the top).  Looking to stand out—swap out dress shoes for a pair of low-top sneakers (think Common projects) and wear a polo shirt in lieu of a dress shirt.

If you have locs: wear them up in a bun, pending you have the hangtime.   If not, wear them as tight and neat as possible and pulled back with a headband.

If you are growing your hair out or have more than a 1A on top, rock a part and keep the hair brushed and neat.  Make sure your beard is groomed and shining bright.

If you are bald, you are bald.  Keep your head shined and make sure you've gotten rid of any stray hairs that may keep your baldy from having its best day ever.

The moral of the story, don't force it. Be real with yourself. Keep the cut clean, there should be no struggle involved. Take a deep breath and take it one step at a time. Make sure the haircut or style you select compliments your ensemble. It should be a seamless flow from head to shoe. Always think clean and honest and you’ll never go wrong. The finishing touch of any great look is confidence. Staying in your lane and dominating there, will give you the confidence every look needs.

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