Can you believe it’s July already? This year has been one for the books. January 1st, 2020…none of us knew what lied ahead. Just like you, we had plans in place for our brand. Plans to introduce our repackaged and reformulated products. Plans to increase our front and back end office capacity and to relocate our headquarters and warehouse facility. Plans to deploy wellness initiatives, with our mission in mind – to provide you with the tools needed to live your best life – and the opportunity to engage in person with other like-minded #SPFamily members.

And just like that…COVID-19 hit.

As you can imagine, sometimes it’s impossible to grow without growing pains and man oh man, we’ve felt them this year! We’ve strategically set goals to:

  • Repackage + Reformulate: We relaunched and upgraded our packaging to include key product benefit messaging and package-types for more flexible use within your grooming spaces. The new tubes, bottles and jars allow for seamless movement from sink-to-shower to travel. And our product reformulation gave us the opportunity to provide cleaner, better-for-you high performing ingredients to drive maximum results when it comes to your Beard, Hair and Face care needs
  • Product Availability: We expanded distribution to include national retail placements in select Target and Walmart locations, bringing our products closer to your doorstep
  • Warehousing + Shipping: We moved into a larger office space, expanded the team and are now warehousing in a state of the art, clean facility with access to additional team members and a suite of order processing upgrades and distribution benefits

With all of the above, we’ve fought really hard when the odds were stacked against us. Our Founder and team tirelessly remained agile, focused on pivoting when needed and continued to push towards solutions in areas when problems appeared.

Fast forward, we realize that we could have kept it more real with you. At the end of the day we’re family, right?

At Scotch Porter, everyone who follows us on social, makes a purchase, signs up for our email list or even “likes” a post is part of the #SPFamily. And when family is wrong, we have to sit down and have a conversation.

We apologize that some of the very positive, next level initiatives, because of the pandemic, caused so much unforeseen frustration. During this transition, we didn’t expect any of the delays that have happened, including issues with carriers, social distancing measures, staggered warehouse schedules for staff and more. Again…we’re family, right? Well bring it in for this nice big hug.

We truly apologize, and we appreciate you rocking with us. When you get a second, check your SP Rewards balance here and enjoy a $10 credit on us.

We’ve completed 85% of our transition and look forward to be at 100% at the end of this month. We appreciate your patience. 


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