Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Most Woke Family Member

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Most Woke Family Member


What do you get the person who has everything? Well that’s easy, spend time with them, show them some love right? We’ve all heard that one before. Then, what do you get the person who thinks the holidays are commercially-fueled manipulations? (crickets) Well, if your woke relative is truly woke, they probably love to educate folks about how messed up the world is. If this sounds like somebody in your fam, these creative ideas are sure to impress, and this time, the thought actually will count.


  1. Progress and Poverty: An Inquiry into the Cause of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth: The Remedy by Henry George


George’s 1879 book about the irony of increasing inequality and poverty amid economic and technological progress seems just as relevant now as it was then. Other than the Bible, no other book sold more copies back in the day.


  1. Take ‘em on a trip


There’s only so much history online and in textbooks. Foot the bill for a trip to visit a historic site or museum in a city they’ve yet to visit such as the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, or the California African American Museums in Los Angeles. Remember, the gift of experience lasts a lifetime.


  1. Get them tickets to Hamilton

Shouldn’t be that hard—just everyone in the world is dying to see Hamilton on Broadway so tickets are always sold out and they cost a couple of months of rent. But just think about how your woke-artsy aunt would feel if you came through with Hamilton tickets—she’d put you in her will for sure.


  1. Get them the perfect card  

On a tight budget this Christmas, perfect! Your woke cousin doesn’t want you to take part this capitalist-fueled consumer holiday anyway—but they still want to join in on all the reindeer games. So what better gift than a card that says exactly what they want to hear. Yep, a Merry Capitalist Consumer-Driven Christmas card is sure to be a hit with your favorite social justice warrior.


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