How Are Your Testicles?

How Are Your Testicles?


April is recognized as Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. However, building awareness about testicular cancer should be year round, all men must be aware if this disease and how it could impact them. Testicular cancer is cancer of the male organs that produce male hormones and sperm. The rate of incidence has been increasing in the US, in particular with young men. In 2018 alone there’s a total of 9,310 new cases and roughly 400 deaths.


  • 1 in 250 men will develop testicular cancer in their lifetime
  • The average age at which men are diagnosed is 33


According to the  American Cancer Society, it is not possible to prevent most occurrences of testicular cancer because many of the men with the cancer have no known risk factors; and known risk factors, such as age or race, cannot be changed. Although not preventable, early detection for men with testicular cancer allows for more treatment options and better treatment success. Oftentimes, the first symptom is a lump on the testicle. The American Cancer Society urges men to see a doctor immediately if you notice a lump. Examine your testicles regularly and never skip your regularly scheduled physical exam with your doctor.

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For more information on testicular cancer you can visit the American Cancer Society website, the National Cancer Institute website, or speak to your doctor.


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