Inject New Life Into Your Boring Sanctuary With Houseplants

Inject New Life Into Your Boring Sanctuary With Houseplants


Tired of looking at the same plain, dingy white walls and cluttered corners? Want to wake up a tired home office or shorten the distance from plot to plate?

Bringing a fresh vibe into your space doesn't always call for knocking down walls or investing in a tacky leather sectional. A few (or several) smartly placed pots of joy can help create dynamic sections in small or large spaces, improve air quality, and awaken creativity. HDTV renovation budget not required.

Where to begin? It may sound morbid, but four out of five botanists will describe the snake plant varieties (Dracaena trifasciata) as “hard to kill” for their resilience and stiff leaves. They make gorgeous additions to desktops or mantles and can even command their own wall space as they range in size from six inches to over eight feet tall, depending on species.

Scientist, philanthropist, and plant enthusiast Tyler Thrasher evangelizes about the beauty and endurance of the Monstera, and even encourages keeping your plantbabies housed in plastic — rather than expensive, drainage hole-free pots that may not serve your needs — if that’s what the spirit tells you. It’s your world.

Consider attention required (occasional misting? bi-weekly watering?) and what thrives in your climate throughout the seasons. If your lifestyle keeps you out at all hours, you need a very low-maintenance plant. The Dracaena is ideal. It easily adapts to different light environments. In addition it can deal well with indoor temperatures and seasonal changes. The Dracaena Marginata also stands out as an excellent air purifier, removing such gases like benzene and xylene.

Not only do houseplants bring color and inspiration, they offer sustenance, savings, and satisfaction as well.

Setting up a compact countertop or window-based garden with soil, a funky container situation, and seeds or clippings from a few of your favorite herbs (rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil, parsley, etc.) is one way to stay ready for your go-to recipes and refresh musty air year round. Set up in simple sun light your home garden will be flourishing in no time. 

Whether you opt for a boxed-in approach or the mason jar life, watching herbs blossom brings a sense of accomplishment and can even pave the way to more intense dirt work via fruits and veggies. The sky's the limit.

Written By Alex Hardy

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