Within all walks of life there is a general fear of the unknown. The unknown which holds the ability to shake everything you believe in down to its core. It is this fear that has prevented many men from doing their proper due diligence and maintaining their health and wellness. Recent studies show that roughly one third of adult men between the ages of 18 and 70 do not get regular physical examinations. Within the same studies a similar margin admits to not being fully forthcoming with information to their doctors because they simply don't think it's a big deal. These are the same men who look to box, rock climb, build cars, and do all sorts of activities calling for strength and fitness. 

Somewhere within the makeup of our society men were indoctrinated with a belief that they are invincible and that until something literally brings them to their knees, there's never a need for real proactive intervention. Let's wipe away the lies and acknowledge that various levels of cancer, high blood pressure, and much more can derail all those plans in a heartbeat. Waiting for illnesses like these to bring you to a point of extreme pain and discomfort might be too late. As men, leaders, and fathers this belief of indestructible ignorance does nothing but put us and those that we love in a horrible reactionary position. Nobody wants to find out that a treatable condition was allowed to fester and become fatal simply because ego kept you out of the doctor's office.

The classic saying goes, “there's nothing to fear but fear itself.” Often what we imagine is way worse than anything that actually ends up coming to pass. Some people fear spiders and some have fears of heights. Don't let fear of vulnerability and acknowledgement of your mortality be the one fear you refuse to conquer. There is more weakness in hiding from the unknown than in facing it.

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