Keep Your Skin Winning | A Deeper Look Into A Deeper Clean

Keep Your Skin Winning | A Deeper Look Into A Deeper Clean


Anything in your life that you appreciate, you take relatively good care of. Your face should be the same, though many of us do not treat it that way. Taking care of your skin, especially your facial skin is not hard, and like anything, it starts with a good routine.

Besides offering great products for your hair and beards, we also have a range of skin care products that are sure to provide clean, healthy, refreshed looking skin. A good clean look does not just happen, no one ‘woke up like that,' so why not step up your routine? Check out how to get your most grooming routine in the steps below and get some fresh, healthy skin in the process. It is not hard; it is all about consistency.


Your skin, especially your facial skin is the first thing people see. It is the most important step in a first impressive, and healthy, clean, refreshed skin can certainly update the appeal. Washing is the first, and most important step in good skin care and our Charcoal & Licorice Restoring Face Wash is a great place to start. A good washing session does not require intense foaming or scrubbing, just massage a small amount of face wash over your wet face and neck. Finish this off with a rinse or warm water. This will provide a refreshed look while a splash of cold water afterward will get the blood flowing for a quick boost of circulation, helping your complexion and skin in the process. While you are at it, add a glass of water or two to your morning routine with a total of six to eight glasses every day to promote healthy skin and excellent health overall.


Now that your skin is washed and you have loosened up the debris and dead skin cells it is time to scrub. Exfoliation should not be done on a day to day basis, but rather around three times per week in place of washing. Scrubbing with our Charcoal & Licorice Exfoliating Face Scrub is easy and straightforward, all while revealing fresher, smoother, healthier looking skin. Nothing too intense is needed, just massage some of our face scrub over your wet face and neck, three times per week, using a circular motion and rinse with warm water as you would with the wash. The result is great looking skin while clearing away debris and dead skin cells in the process. However, do not overdo your scrubbing, any more than three times of week runs the risk of triggering breakouts and dryness.


Now that your skin is fresh, soft, healthy and rejuvenated, it is time to lock it all in for the day. Our brilliantly blended Charcoal & Licorice Moisture Defense Face Lotion is an excellent way to keep things smooth and healthy all day long. Applying our face lotion to your skin while it is still slightly damp to seal in moisture. The result is a smooth, soft feeling skin that also helps to control shine from oily areas of the skin. Moisturizing is the final step to great skin and the perfect addition to make that lasting first impression!


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