Love Travels | Five Excellent Destinations For Valentine's Day

Love Travels | Five Excellent Destinations For Valentine's Day


Fellas, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and now is time to get prepared. Sure, you can do the same old thing; dinner, chocolates, flowers and what not. But why not step it up this year? Why not take your significant other on a trip that they will forever remember and cherish?

Well we have you covered as we get a look at five excellent destinations for Valentine’s Day. Each of these locations offer plenty to see and do, while offering their own appeal and charm along the way. Have a look at these five destinations below and start planning a Valentine’s Day that they will never forget!

New York City

What can be said about New York City that has not already been said? The city never sleeps, and because of that alone, there is plenty to do, especially for Valentine's Day. From from horse-drawn carriage rides through Central Park to the ice rink at Rockefeller Center there are plenty of options for romance in the city. There is also plenty of great shopping in throughout Manhattan while also providing an array of unique spots to stay throughout. Don't forget the food, plenty of dining options can be found all around the city, while Valentine's Day specials are sure to be found as well. Enjoy the city and enjoy some romance during your Valentine's Day adventure!

San Francisco, California

Want to head west? San Francisco offers plenty to see and do anytime of the year and is especially unique at Valentine's Day. From Champagne and Chocolate tours to the stunning views around the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco offers plenty of romantic options. Throughout the city, you will also find plenty of adults-only events while plenty of unique, boutique hotels offer a range of great places to stay. The west coast is the best coast, at least for celebrating love. Stay in San Fran for Valentine's Day and make some memories!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you are looking to warm up your Valentine's Day, San Juan, Puerto Rico is just the spot to do so. This beautiful destination offers plenty of beautiful beaches, plenty of great spots to stay and a lot to see and do. San Juan is a historic city perfect for strolling, lounging and club-hopping at night, while other options such as a trip to the Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo are a must. San Juan offers a little bit of everything from great food to great weather, giving you plenty of options for romance during your Valentine’s Day retreat. Warm up the romance with a unique adventure for Valentine's Day!

Savannah, Georgia


What needs to be said about Savannah, Georgia? This beautiful and charming city offers cobblestone streets, moody Spanish moss and Southern charm that is unrivaled. There is plenty to see including a paddle down the area's coastal creeks or simply taking in the Savannah River. Couples can even enjoy a brunch or dinner riverboat cruise with plenty of other unique and historic options found all over the city. Along the way, there are a ton of lovely spots to stay. From unique bed and breakfasts' to boutique hotels, Savannah has something for everyone and offers up great charm in the process. Head South for some hospitality for Valentine's Day.

Denver, Colorado

While Denver may not seem like an ideal spot for Valentine's Day, cold weather will bring you closer. Denver is host to plenty to see and do during this time of the year as well. The city offers plenty to eat and drink with a ton of local breweries and great restaurants. However, the city also features plenty of romantic spots to stay with some amazing views in the process. There is also plenty to do outdoors from skiing and snowboarding, even boasting an annual Mountaintop Matrimony Ceremony that lets you ski down the hill to the reception. Enjoy a romantic trip with a twist this year!

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