2016 is nearly over, which means that the preparations for 2017 are currently underway. While a lot of us are looking forward to the new year for some new changes, many of us are planning those pesky New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year as well.

We all want better for ourselves, but it all starts with change. The New Year is a great time to start off fresh, and kick some good, positive and new routines to usher in that change that we all desire. Today we take a look at the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2017, which we’re sure many of you have on your list this year. Have a look below and be sure to start off the New Year with a new you.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is always at the top of the list each year. While we all can certainly stand to lose a few pounds after the Holiday’s, this is one of the most broken resolutions as well. The key to losing the weight you desire is sticking with it, which will lead you to a more healthy, more focused version of yourself. If this is your resolution, stick with it, work hard, and reap the results over the next twelve months.


Staying Healthy

Many of us will look to keep ourselves healthy in the coming year. This is also a rather popular resolution every year and is a perfect place to kick off the year. Losing weight and staying healthy are a bit different, with staying healthy focusing on keeping your health optimal and maintaining a solid workout regimen as well. This also includes eating better and treating your body better inside and out. A healthy you is a better you.


Spend Less & Save More

Saving money is something we could all be better at. Spending less and saving more is an excellent resolution for the upcoming year, but is also one you must stick with for positive results. Face it; there is something we can all cut back and spend less on, which in turn will provide more money for our future endeavors. Saving will certainly help with those future goals you have set up, and a fresh new year is a perfect time to enact a plan.


Get Organized

Organization is important in life. From keeping your style in order to keeping your financials straight, getting organized for the new year is an excellent way to prepare for the future. Keeping your work life, personal life, and leisure life in order is not the easiest feat, but it’s an important one, letting you keep track of what you need to when you need to. Get organized for 2017 and have a much more productive year all around.


Learn Something New

We all have something we would love to learn. Learning something new will be a popular resolution this year, and an important one. From playing a musical instrument, to painting, even learning a new language; learning will help open your mind and it’s a great way to spend your free time. No matter what you want to get better at, the start of a new year is a great time to jump into action. Stick with it, and see what the future has in store for your newfound knowledge.


Travel More

Seeing what the world has to offer is an excellent way to spend your time. Traveling more is certainly to be a popular resolution for 2017, and why not? Getting way and seeing the world lets you appreciate your surroundings while allowing you to experience other cultures and places in the process. Travel the states, experience your city, see the world; the new year is an excellent time to start plotting and planning your next big trip!


Spend Time With Friends & Family

The ones you love deserve your attention, and the beginning of a new year is a perfect time to start spending more time with them. Friends and family are important in our lives, and this resolution should be something we all include. They are there for us when we need them, why not spend a few more minutes with them throughout the new year ahead?


Enjoying Life To The Fullest

This is another popular selection on the list. Enjoying your life to the fullest is something that should be done on a day to day basis, but with a fresh start just days ahead; why not kick it into action? Get out and see the world, be adventurous, be brave and do what you enjoy to do this year. It’s your life, why not live it up and enjoy it in the best possible way? A new year makes for a new start!


Read & Learn More

Many of us are curious about the world around us. Reading and learning more will open our eyes to that world, and with the new year just ahead, it’s a splendid time to start. From novels to newspapers, magazines, blogs and more, information can be found anywhere these days. Read something, learn something and expand your mind for the new year.


No Resolutions

A lot of people will not be making any resolutions this year? Why? Well most likely because many of them are broken by February. Setting goals and attaining goals is a great way to prepare for your future, and a great way to see opportunity. No resolution, no goals for the future? That’s unrealistic as we all have something we should be progressing towards. Make a choice, stick with it, and make a change in yourself; and those around you in 2017!


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