Master barber Wade Menendez, known as, “Wade the Barber,” is the owner of The W Hair Loft, with locations in Maryland. Wade the Barber isn’t new to the field; he got his start at the age 12, evolving from hobby to career. A certified Hair Loss Specialist, Wade provides custom hair units for men suffering from hair loss as a result of alopecia. With promising projects on the horizon, you’ll surely be hearing more from this global master barber. We sat down to talk about his craft, goals, and grooming. Here’s what he had to say. 


What inspired you to get into the grooming industry?

I got into this industry because after trying other types of jobs, barbering was the only thing I had a passion for. It also runs in my family; I come from 3 generations of guys who could cut hair. 


Aside from running The W Hair Loft, how else do you spend your time? Fitness, community service, family?

I spend my time running my non-profit, The Wade H. Menendez Foundation, doing community work and I'm very active in the church as I'm the musician where my Mom is the pastor. I try to spend more time with my family and close friends these days —I used to work nonstop. The last year or two, I’ve been changing that about my life. 


Can you tell us what a day in your life looks like? How does your day unfold from the time you wake up in the morning?

Wake up, meditate a bit, workout in my home gym, then I head to the shop for work. After work I may go home and rest but I often try to link with my family and friends to do something I like, such as anything related to live music, food, and just having good meaningful conversations. I’m all about good vibes with people.


As a barber and hair loss specialist, what does your personal hair care and skin routine look like?

Every morning I groom my beard with products and combs to make sure it’s flourishing and not looking dry. For skin, I try not to put too much on my skin other than cleanser to keep the dirt out of my pores. 


If you could share one crucial tip with men surrounding hair and/or beard care, what would it be?

Always keep your hair and beard moisturized and conditioned to prevent breakage and promote growth. It works! 


What are some self care things you make sure to do (ie. regular massages, etc.)?

As someone that stands on his feet all day, I get massages multiple times a month and try to keep up with pedicures when I can. Stretching is also something I had to learn to do each day because I would often have back issues. Also, just taking time to break and get away is needed. I take a trip or some time off once a month to ensure I don’t burn out. 


Who is your biggest inspiration?

I’ve gained some of my greatest inspiration from people who have had major adversity and still haven't given up and are going after their dreams and goals. That’s inspirational to me to know that it can be done. Also, I’m a man of Faith, so I would say my relationship with God is my main motivation and inspiration. 


What are words you live by?

I live by these words, "Trust God for everything". Don’t stress over things you can’t control and always remain teachable and humble.


What is the Wade H. Menendez Foundation? What is the story behind it?

The story behind my foundation; I have always been involved with helping others since a child, considering that my parents ran a nonprofit and mentoring program. I decided there was a need to help homeless people and youth as I traveled city to city. I always loved offering my services to people who couldn’t afford it and would love to see the smile on their face after they've seen their new look. So, my foundation provides makeovers to homeless persons and offers mental health resources to those who want it. We also provide funding for people looking to go to Barber and Hair School. Many can’t afford school which is why we have a lot of unlicensed barbers and stylists. I'm just looking to bridge the gap and give more resources. 

We all dream and sometimes share similar dreams without knowing… Care to share your dreams with us? Where do you see yourself (3) years from now? 

In 3 years, I plan to have more locations in different cities and also a Barber School of my own.

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