The barber chair continues to remain the hot seat across working industries. It’s completely undetermined whom will be in the chair ready for a haircut or touch up of a lifetime. You're never sure what type of hair you'll have when that client walks through the door. If we can provide the best hairstyle that fits your hair type and head shape, then our mission is complete. Many questions, pertaining to general upkeep, continue to arise. From thick and unruly hair to long hair, below is a list of key points to remember for each. Hair can be a challenge to manage at times but hopefully the following valuable tips will help you get the best out of your next haircut.

Curly & Unruly Hair

It's no secret that curly hair can be a hassle with its thickness and ability to be unruly. It’s critical that this hair be maintained properly. Gone are the days of using your girlfriend's shampoo and conditioner thinking it'll do the job. You do yourself a disservice when you don't invest in high quality products that cater to your specific hair needs. For curly hair, shampoos that carry the uniformed task of penetrating the scalp and promoting healthier hair growth is important. But the key to taming curly, unruly hair is in the conditioner. Although conditioner works to make the hair smooth and shiny, the upshot leads to fewer split ends, thus, making it easier to style. If you're one to shampoo daily, use your best judgement on applying conditioner. If you're prone to dryness, breakage, reactions from the sun, it's best to include it regularly in your haircare routine.

A majority of us men don't have 45 minutes to spare for a morning meeting with the blow dryer. We want something efficient and easy to manage. Be sure to communicate that to your barber. The key to easy styling is ensuring your back and sides are taken down to a decent length. Weight removal and texturing is critical in making sure your hair has enough movement. Remember you're paying for a service so make sure you come prepared with questions that'll help you maintain that salon look until your next visit.

Shampoo + Condition: 2 to 3 times per week

Barber Visit: Every 4 weeks with a 2 week trim in between


Low, Buzz, Texturized Cut

From the classic 70's afro to the low caesar, textured hair still reigns supreme as the most versatile hairstyle. We've recently seen a surge in men growing out their crown. Although there may be other difficulties in grooming an afro, textured hair, it's at the top of list when it comes to minimal maintenance. A lot of maintenance for this type of hair is based on the tools you are equipped with at home. It goes without saying that short cuts, like caesar, require a shampoo and conditioning 1 to 2 times per week. You can finish the styling portion with a pomade (petrolatum/mineral oil-free) before you leave out the house. I recommend a pomade with ingredients packed with shea butter or jojoba oil since those chemical agents hydrate the scalp and lay the hair in place. For longer and textured hair, the coils make it imperative to add shampoo and conditioning as a frequent practice. Oily scalp is prevalent within this hair type. The key to a successful wash, is allowing the product to sit in the hair for up to 4 minutes, for it to reach the scalp and roots. Other tools that add to the styling element: conditioner, combs (avoid brushes due to contamination), and oil sheen spray.

A popular look I see in the shop is growing out the top and keeping it short on the sides. To successfully achieve this, make sure to add a leave-in product like cream or lotion that absorbs moisture and defines your curls.

Shampoo + Condition: 1 to 2 times per week

Barber visit: Every 2 weeks


Medium Hair Length

The traditional gentlemen's cut for medium length continues to be a staple. Some may regard it as the quiff but the beauty in it is that it leaves hair on the top for versatility and movement. Barber techniques like layering gives the hair more depth. You will have to get acquainted with your blow dryer and some hair pomade if you wish for sharp or just a more dramatic look like the classic slick back or pompadour. You can load up on the newest Scotch Porter Hair Balm which adds volume and texture, and tames the most difficult hair. A nickel-sized portion will do the trick.

Shampoo + Condition: 2 to 3 times per week (opt for conditioning over shampooing if in a rush)

Barber visit: Every 3 to 4 weeks with a 2 week trim in between


Long Hair

You're going to definitely need a large enough dopp kit for this one. The long hair community feels the agony when it comes to upkeep. It's important to be aware that this length of hair is prone to breakage, lack of moisture, and collapsing shape. An expert barber notices these things and immediately works to restore the body and shape to the hair. Nowadays most clients with this length wish to maintain a more natural look. If you really want to impress your barber, ask if they have the following: texturizing spray and a feather razor.

Be sure to give yourself a thorough cleansing when shampooing and conditioning. Scotch Porter's Hair Collection gives the right amount of volume, texture, and absorbs those oils that make your long hair look greasy. Its ingredients moisturizes your scalp and your hair which helps to prevent dandruff.

Don't forget that hair brush either guys. By combing through your hair, you're allowing for an easy flow of hair growth.

Shampoo + Condition: 3 times per week

Barber Visit: Every 4 to 5 weeks with a 2 week clean up in between


Super Straight Hair

Probably one of the most intricate hair types out there is super straight hair. Particularly in Asian and Latino men, the thick and straight hair requires a lot of clipper action. It's just like mowing a lawn down and making sure all the spots are even. Heat, tension, and other basic barber techniques like clipper over comb will help create the desired shape. If the barber is not careful, he/she can collapse the shape too short. It's important they understand the hair pattern, direction, and the clients specific needs when completing the job. You want to make sure a pomade or wax is in arm's reach to reinforce how you want the hair to lay down.

Shampoo + Condition: 3 times per week

Barer Visit: Every 3 to 4 weeks with a 2 week clean up in between


Thin/Fine Hair

The biggest problem for this hair type speaks for itself; thinning hair makes it a very delicate process for the barber. But the solution to this is creating volume. Saturating your thinning hair with too much shampoo is counterproductive to achieving fuller hair growth. To achieve thicker hair, be sure to finish your cut or start your day with a light cream for styling and a powder. The powder works into your scalp stiffening the hair follicles for a much more lifted look. You can recharge the hair with a hydrating shampoo that restores moisture back into the hair without over drying.

Shampoo + Condition: 3 times per week

Barer Visit: Every 3 to 4 weeks with a 2 week clean up in between


It's clear, the right haircare routine requires a bit more examination time between the bathroom mirror and the barbershop. Don't be shy about asking your barber specific questions related to your hair. Lets hope, for the price point you’re paying that you receive the quality answers you're looking for. Remember you are who you invest in so aim high and dig deep in those pockets for a primetime cut that’ll leave you happy and properly informed.

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