Written By Joel Daniels

Sex is fun, think we all can agree. Sex can also feel like you’re training for a triathlon. And sure, there are the standard sexual positions that don’t require much besides supporting your own weight or an occasional leg lift. But, if you’re really trying to get your sex-game up to “I definitely saw this in a movie once” levels, we hope you’re stretching, drinking tons of water and trying new things. Here are a few of the sex positions that may require you to channel your inner yogi master.

Bent-Over Standing Doggy

If you’re going-in while standing, you’re already asking your body to put in some work. This position is going to help you hit your spot, while also ensuring that your calves, forearms, biceps and triceps thank you in the morning, or evening, depending on when you decide to get it in.

The Dragonfly

Your abs will definitely feel the burn while executing this position, but if it’s any consolation, you get a full view of your partner while they’re on top of you. You’ll be carrying their weight with your hips and pelvis. For a really mean workout, try lifting and tightening your glutes simultaneously. You’ll probably be sore for a bit, but you’re partner will be grateful—we promise.

The London Bridge

If you can do this, call us—you really deserve a trophy. Essentially, in this position your partner is on top, and you, my friend, are doing a back-bridge (yes, next level).  This is some real Christian Gray sh%#, it’s an experience more than it is a sex position. But it’s all about your core and arm strength. And if you pull this one off, you can— and you should skip your gym day tomorrow. Granted, this is not going knock it out of the park pleasure wise, but your partner will be impressed for sure. You may have to work from home the next day, but the bragging rights make it so worth it.

Please try these at home and thank us later. But be sure to protect yourself; safe sex is the best sex. Enjoy!


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