Scotch Porter, Award-Winning Men’s Grooming Brand

Scotch Porter, Award-Winning Men’s Grooming Brand


The Scotch Porter promise continues to be upheld, and we have the accolades to back us up.  


Since 2015 Scotch Porter has been providing men with the wellness products they need to look and feel their best. In 2022 Scotch Porter was recognized by the following award-winning platforms: 


Ask Men Best Shaving and Beard Products of 2022 (Hydrate & Nourish Beard Conditioner)
GQ Grooming Awards Best Beard Conditioner (Scotch Porter Beard Balm)
2022 GQ Grooming Awards The Limited-Edition GQ Grooming Box (Scotch Porter Hydrating Hair Wash)
Esquire Grooming Awards (Best Beard Product – Nourishing Beard Mask)
Esquire Grooming Awards (Best Beard Product – Beard Collection)
Inaugural Multicultural Beauty Industry Elite Awards (Men’s Grooming Brand of the Year)
Ebony Beauty & Grooming Awards (Scotch Porter Moisture Rich Leave-in Hair Collection)


"At Scotch Porter, we’re married to the idea that men should be able to take care of themselves and not have to break the bank. That we shouldn’t have to use products packed with harmful chemicals just to look and feel like a boss." 


We are proud to consistently uphold our commitment to provide men with non-toxic personal care products that make a difference.  


Thanks to a dedicated, hard-working team, and support from loyal customers like you, Scotch Porter continues to exceed the standard. 


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