Scotch Porter Impact Fund

Scotch Porter Impact Fund

We’re excited to share we’ve officially launched the Scotch Porter Impact Fund! We’ve pledged to contribute 2% of our online US sales, combined more than 1% of our total sales, to empower communities through organizations including America on Tech and Manifest Works. 

“Scotch Porter’s mission extends far beyond the customers we serve. Its essence is what powers our commitment to enable the potential of overlooked communities and arm them with the tools and resources to live their best, most fulfilled lives,” said Calvin Quallis, Founder & CEO of Scotch Porter. “I am excited to officially launch the Scotch Porter Impact Fund because it is an initiative that puts that commitment in action. By allowing our consumers to be partners in pioneering this transformation, it is our hope that this fund will move the needle in advancing the economic empowerment of underserved, previously excluded groups.”

The Scotch Porter Impact Fund is an advised fund of the Social Impact Fund, a 501c3 charitable organization. To learn more about the Scotch Porter Impact Fund, click HERE.

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