Stay Winning: Cultivate, Grow and Inspire

Stay Winning: Cultivate, Grow and Inspire


As we wind down and approach the close of the year, most of us are taking inventory of the days that seem to have flown by in the blink of an eye and are quickly trying to cram all of that last bit of “leveling-up” into the few weeks we have left. Then there are those of us who are just looking forward to the fresh start. Essentially, it’s safe to say, there’s a load of mixed emotions we are experiencing, once we’ve made it to November. Chill son, you might have 99 problems but end-of-year guilt shouldn’t be one. Here’s how you walk out of 2017 with your head held high.


Cultivate an attitude of gratitude..

Seems as we get closer to Thanksgiving, the conversation becomes, what are we thankful for. Whether you want to admit it or not, you probably tend to get a little sentimental when you think about what you’re grateful for in your life – this is the start of that warm feeling many folks appreciate about the holiday season. Practice having an attitude of gratitude throughout the whole year. Daily, ask yourself, what am I grateful for today. Eventually it’ll become second nature and you’ll go through everyday with infectious appreciation.


Grow through your experiences..

Whether you’re winning or you fall a little short, learn to take everything as a learning experience. Growing through our experiences prepares us for survival of the failures and sets us up for progressively greater wins. If there seems to be failure after failure, keep grabbing the lessons you were meant to get and eventually you’ll be able to leverage all of those lessons for a win.


Inspire others the way you want to be inspired..

Life is all about balance: a balanced diet, a balanced hairline, a balanced bank account, balanced relationships; you get the point. Staying in the right head space is no different. Sometimes we might think or say we need some motivation, or a little inspiration to get going. Bruh, you get what you give. If you are ever feeling a little unmotivated or ill-inspired, dig deep and motivate someone else, or share a little inspiration. That exchange in itself will make you feel better and because we ALWAYS get what we give, it’ll be sure to come back to you.


Keep these few tips in mind as you wrap up the year and as you fly through 2018. We guarantee, this time next year, you’ll be happy you did. Keep cultivating, growing, and inspiring.

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