Ready or not, the seasons are changing, and Spring is coming quickly. Let's be honest, we are all ready for the cold to be gone and we are definitely willing to bring in the warmth of Spring and Summer. As we all know, a new season means new style, and today we take a look at a major key for Spring style; sunglasses.

Today we give you a guide to sunglasses for Spring 2017, giving you plenty of stylish shade options for the seasons ahead. A good pair of sunglasses can bring together your style nicely, adding a touch of mystery, luxury, and detail to any combination in your wardrobe. Have a look at our selections of shade for Spring 2017 and step up your style immediately!


Known for their wide range of classic designs, Ray-Ban always delivers sleek designs and outstanding quality. Ray-Ban continues the trend in 2017 with some stylish new looks. While their iconic Pilot sunglasses are forever a staple of style, their other options such as the classic Wayfarer and the Clubround come with new looks for the season as well. Wood details make a nice touch, adding a unique color to their classic while other shaded options from Ray-Ban include the General which offers a modern meets vintage appeal, while the Double Bridge offers a classic, luxurious appeal. Ray-Ban delivers stunning style each season, making standing out smooth and effortless.


Though TOMS may not be known for their sunglasses, they are nothing to sleep on. Offering a broad range of shapes, sizes, and designs, TOMS new range of Sunglasses are perfect for the warmer months ahead. We find classic constructions, modern designs and excellent attention to detail throughout. Their Declan design offers a modern approach while coming in a vast selection of color options and more. Designs such as the Irwin Whiskey, the Jarrett Whiskey and more offer a more classic appeal, while one stays with a rectangular frame, the other opts for a classic round lens for good measure. TOMS comes with a wide range that offers up some great style for anyone and everyone. Get shades with style this season!

Warby Parker

Looking for a more timeless and classic approach to your sunglasses selection? Well, Warby Parker is worth checking out. This season Warby Parker offers up a wide range of great options, introducing their latest design, the Bennett. This eye-catching design features a lightweight design constructed of metal while providing an array of color options for the lenses. Warby Parker also comes with some of their iconic designs as well, offering up great attention to detail and unique quality. They even offer eyeglasses frames as well, just in case you are looking to step your style up all the way around. Shade, style and sunglasses, what more do you want?

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If classic is not for you, and you are looking for a more contemporary approach to your sunglasses? The creative minds at RETROSUPERFUTURE are back at it with some futuristic and modern designs. Their latest creation, the Tuttolente features a frameless design, with the eye-catching mirrored lenses stretching all the way to the edge and down the earpieces as well. While this makes for an interesting and intriguing new look, RETROSUPERFUTURE also comes with a bevy of their other unique choices as well. This includes their Flat Top, the Ciccio, the Giaguaro, Palom and the Panama just to name a few. If you are looking for unrivaled style and detail, RETROSUPERFUTURE is nothing to sleep on. Style your shade and upgrade your look this Spring!


If you are looking for something simple, effective and stylish for your sunglasses this season, look no further than Shwood. The Shwood Shop offers some brilliant creations, matching their brilliance in eye-wear with their love for woodwork in the process. Shwood comes with classic and timeless shapes, all rocking wood details throughout with durable, colorful lens options as well. They offer styles for both men and women, including designs such as the Canby, the Francis the Grovy 2, the Madison and more, all boasting different wood options and color details along the frames. Shwood stays stylish and they provide something special for Spring 2017.

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