Summer SOULstice: Reconnect, Restore and Refocus

Summer SOULstice: Reconnect, Restore and Refocus


School is out, our favorite shows are on hiatus, and summer Fridays at work are in full effect. Summertime evokes the unspoken, "It's time to chill." Everyone has gotten the memo, and there should be three key things on the agenda: reconnect, restore, and refocus.


Summer is the ultimate time for reconnecting. There are family reunions, college friends come back home, and catch up time – with drinks – is in order. Reconnecting with our friends and family can help us remember the things that we enjoy most about ourselves and our lives. It's also a good time to reconnect and reflect on your needs and how your life has progressed since January. Reconnect with those parts of yourself that you may have overlooked in the prior months. Have you been making time for that hobby you said you were going to take up? Have you been devoting more time to your loved ones; or have you had your nose to the grind so much that you’ve forgotten about all of the things you said you’ll do?

Challenge: Once a day, instead of texting and emailing the people you’re communicating with, pick up the phone and give them a call. Make that personal connection.

After all of this excitement from reconnecting and actually talking, now it is time to rest and restore.


Check in on your health both physically and emotionally. Summer is a great time to replenish so you can move through the upcoming months with ease. Iron those kinks out, clear your mind, and get some Vitamin D. We always hear about women taking time for self-care, it’s encouraged; but men need self-care too. Get to bed earlier, get a massage, pamper yourself!

Challenge: Do something for YOU, at least one day out of each week this Summer.

Your brain should be clear and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Time to focus or refocus on your dreams.


Use this as a time to readdress your purpose. See if you need to let – some of what you thought you wanted and needed – go. Take stock of how you are doing and use this as a time to give yourself some much-needed fuel to keep you going before December arrives.  Look at all of your goals, and if you haven't set any, set some. Even if they change throughout the year, give yourself a benchmark of sorts by creating new things to achieve.

Challenge: Spend at least one hour everyday on your side hustle or your To Do List.

Use your Summer wisely. Don't let it pass you by in a ball of smoke (or Tequila shots).


Light + Love

Marquita Smith

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