Summertime Fine For Dudes

Summertime Fine For Dudes


I know, summertime is probably the one time you are thinking about how much clothes you aren't going to wear; however the opposite might be true. Hear me out.  Summer is one of the most important seasons for style.  By default, men tend to lean towards the uniform: tee, shorts, and sneaks.  While there's nothing wrong with tried and true staples—there's always room to grow.

The Summer Suit

Wedding season is in full effect and chances are you'll be going to a few. If you are not in the ceremony, this is one of the perfect times to flex your sartorial muscle with a non-traditional combination that looks cool.  Don't let anyone lie to you, nothing is wrong with a short suit. In fact it's one of the easiest way to ensure you look fly and don't sweat through your whole look.  It's also a great way to make use of suit separates.

Try: Blazer + Shirt + Shorts + Loafers

Romper Room

So recently there's been so much talk about the romper, but it's not as far fetched as you think. The concept of onesies of all types (boiler suits, overalls, coveralls) isn't new and in fact has always been for those who are bit more on the trendy side.

Try: Romper + Hat + Sneakers

Winning In Linen

Once upon a time linen was considered for folks heading to a Tom Joyner cruise but that's not true anymore.  I mean, I don't get me wrong, folks are still wearing linen on a Tom Joyner cruise, but that's not the ONLY place they should be worn.  Linen is the epitome of relaxed.  It feels good and generally keeps you cool as temperatures rise.

Try: Tee + Linen Shorts + Sandals

Try: Linen Blazer + Tank + Shorts

Try: Linen Shirt + Shorts + Shoes

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