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10 Grooming Commandments

The Autumn season signals change, it represents evolution — a time to recalibrate. It’s a time to ditch bad habits and replace them with new processes. So how does this relate to grooming? Below is a checklist, or Ten Grooming Commandments that we should all keep in our mental cabinets. No, you won’t be sent to Hell if you don’t follow them, but you’ll have a hell of a hard…

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What to Ask Your New Barber

There are some experiences in life for men that can be purely nerve wrecking. From visiting the doctor, to tying the knot with your loved one, or worse, sharing that first encounter with a new barber. Apprehension and uncertainty can go hand in hand when it calls for that first time visit to your local barber.

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Critical Grooming Habits to Follow This Summer

Since the start of summer, the weather has been strikingly hot. The weather’s power of utter heat and humidity has been spot on. Sometimes having one outfit for the entire day is not enough. In between constant movement, random rain showers, and a humidity that’ll make you feel like you’re in a tropical rain forest, this calls for an update on one’s grooming routine. As the seasons change so should…

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