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Mask On - Is This Who You Are?

Who are you? This is a pretty basic and straightforward question but as Black men it can be a very complicated question to answer. From the moment you wake up and prepare to step outside many Black men perform the repetitive ritual to prepare themselves to interact with society. Social norms and generation-long expectations wait for you in the outside world. Family, friends and business associates all require their own…

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Spring Fitness - King of the Jungle Gym

After what was a very rough winter, we’ve broken through into springtime. The giant winter coats can go back in the closest for another year. It’s the perfect time to deal with the few pounds you may have gained snacking during those snow storms. Understandably a lot of people still aren't at a comfort level to rejoin local indoor gyms. Fortunately the improving weather opens up another incredibly effective and…

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Style Fundamentals

The pandemic put a spin on daily fashion. Meeting attire has changed from business casual to a dress shirt and basketball shorts or pajama pants on the bottom. After more than a year of dressing like this, many people are out of practice. Let’s run this refresher so you’re ready for when you meet people outside of Zoom.Do – Invest in Good Quality and FitWhen you’re putting together your wardrobe…

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