Even though American tradition has designated February as Black History Month, Black history is being made all year round. Nevertheless, at Scotch Porter we want to help continue bringing awareness to some of the incredible, driven black-owned businesses that are thriving. Check out just a few of our personal favorites and we hope you will be put on to something new that you can faithfully engage with and support.

For many people it's a morning tradition to get their day started with a delicious cup of tea or coffee. We all know the big mainstream brands that so many flock to but the good folks at BLK & Bold want to bring a new specialty coffee experience to the people. The care and craftsmanship that they put into their product has earned them rave reviews. Not to mention their philanthropic attitude with portions of their proceeds going to various social campaigns like youth programming, homelessness and workforce development. Originating out of Des Moines, Iowa, Pernell Cesar and Rod Johnson have gone from childhood friends to start up giants currently sitting as the top selling coffee brand on Amazon. If coffee is your thing then you need to check them out and shake up your morning routine a little bit. Plus is much better then waiting in line for the overpriced other stuff. 


At Trade Street Jam they believe you deserve something with a little more kick than your average jar of jelly. What type of delicious meals do you think you could whip up with their Plum & Rose or Sour Cherry Ginger jam? This is the approach of Ashley Rouse the Founder behind  Trade Street Jam Company. She takes her creative concept far beyond your basic jam and has created something so delicious and so versatile that you could use it during breakfast, as a barbecue sauce, salad dressing, or even Infuse it to make incredible cocktails. The possibilities of her jams are so incredible that you'd be doing yourself a disservice to not try them out. And if you don't know now you know.


Have you ever taken the time to look up just how much money the Black community spends on adult beverages? The numbers are staggering and if you follow that up with a little research on Black ownership in that industry, you won't see many Black owners or executives within the highest grossing brands. Simply put we like to drink and if your goal is to enjoy quality libations while still supporting black-owned brands you should have Uncle Nearest in your personal stash. Investor and Co-Founder Fawn Weaver made it a mission to properly tell the story of Uncle Nearest. Out of the whiskey birthplace of Tennessee the story of Uncle Nearest, birth name Nathan Green, is one of creativity and rightful Legacy. Uncle Nearest was the man who taught the whiskey making trade to the people behind Jack Daniels and it's only in recent years that this history has come to the forefront. Uncle Nearest whiskey and the people behind it wanted to make sure that the true Legacy of The Man Behind one of the most successful adult beverage brands had his name properly recognized for what he contributed. Available in two forms, Tennessee Silver and Premium Aged, we toast to the enduring work of Uncle Nearest and we hope you will too.


If you pay any attention to the American way you know first and foremost is that any form of real freedom and control comes from having real economic power. Unfortunately financial awareness is something that has not always been made accessible to the black community. That's one of the reasons that we love MoCafi banking. Founded by Wole Coaxum as a response to the social unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, Mocafi functions as a digital banking service dedicated serving the most underrepresented communities while raising financial awareness, helping Black people on the path to home ownership and overall fiscal Independence. Since the first black-owned bank founded in 1888 in Richmond, VA it’s been an upward struggle trying to get equal footing on the fiscal map. Coaxum and the MoCafi team are one of the few in this arena dedicated to the advancement of black and brown communities.


Most guys don't really think about silverware too deeply. You move into a place and you grab a generic set of silverware from your local market. But when you're putting together a home and you care about detail on all levels it means something to be able to personalize every aspect of your living space. The Symone Elena collection consists of beautifully crafted and multi-ethnic designed series of silverware which includes dynamic plate design, flatware and even designer chopsticks. It's the little details that matter and Symone Elena's various collections clearly understand this concept. Add some flair and style to your dining room table with her amazing work.



Steven Steele knows that there is more to socks than just the black or white things that we pull on our feet before picking out our shoes. Just like your hat, a tie, whatever, Steven knows that there is just as much fashion within your sock selection as any other accessory. Combining bright vibrant colors with ethical, planet friendly production methods, Kind Socks stand out not just as a dope fashion alternative for your feet but as a highly ethical and respectful brand. Made with no pesticides or harmful chemicals, and manufactured by hands that are paid a respectable living wage, Steele literally is putting his money where his feet are. We hope you decide to walk with him down this path as well not just for the good that he does for the world but for how good your feet will look.


Today many people speak quite loudly without necessarily saying anything. But through the lens of apparel and accessories, Kalilah Wright of Brooklyn, New York understands how much of a mess life could be sometimes and she turned that mess into money with Mess in a Bottle. Her collection delivers powerful messages through the various mediums in her collection. Inspired by the ancient art of delivering messages via bottles that navigated the waterways, Wright's creative product packaging presents modern-day messages of strength, individuality and empowerment. In the spirit of the for us by us (FUBU) mentality, Wright serves as a shining example to entrepreneurs everywhere how you can deal with whatever mess life gives you and clean up quite nicely.


Once you have the perfect socks what comes next? Your shoes of course. Footwear has always been a vital part of Black fashion culture. Countless boots and speakers have been sold across the globe inspired by the Black community. Chris Ricci Vera presents his Brooklyn-based Blackstock & Weber brand to help diversify the Footwear category. His custom loafers offer an eye catching splash of diversity and sleek style to any look be it casual, formal or business.


When you think of luxury fashion apparel there so many names that come to mind but unfortunately a lot of those names aren't ours. This is where Romeo Hunte steps in. A man with an unique eye for design, Hunte took his creative perspective from the streets of Brooklyn to the bright lights of some of fashion's most respected runway shows. His unique styling of bright chic designs and luxurious multi-functional pieces have made him a standout in the fashion industry and have earned him the label of  “Designer To Watch” by many giants within the industry. When you consider how many luxury brands of Italian or Asian descent are freely promoted throughout our culture it's long overdue that we invest the same type of energy into a black designer as well. In the spirit of entrepreneurship that had an entire era draped in the creations of Dapper Don, Romeo is looking to upgrade you. Treat yourself to a few pieces from one of Hunte’s many incredible collections.


The female body is an amazing thing yet for years so many women have had to deal with products designed by people with no true understanding of how it works. The Honey Pot company comes through as the ultimate remedy to this issue. Beatrice Dixon created Honey Pot as an answer to her own feminine issues and in turn has created a successful brand that offers 100% natural feminine healing and protection made by women for women. Equally committed to making health and hygiene products available to those with the least access to them, the Honey Pot is literally a lifesaver for many. This is the ultimate entrepreneurial example of a woman truly building and thriving off of what is naturally hers and sharing that knowledge for the betterment of women everywhere.


With all that's going on in the world, the stresses of society, it's necessary to have a place where you can find calm and peace. Some people find that in their homes or place of worship and others need a space where they could find a community of like-minded individuals to bond with. Heal Haus, founded by Elisa Shankle and Dari an Hall provides such a space. This Wellness Lounge and Café in Clinton Hills Brooklyn exist as a safe haven for those who believe in natural holistic approaches to Wellness. In conjunction with this, Heal Haus hosts various sessions focusing on self-care through meditation, yoga and many more traditional forms of self-care. Even in the midst of this pandemic Healing Haus has continued to offer its services via digital options and if ever there was a time for their services it's now.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of these amazing brands just as much as we do. Remember, Black History is being made everyday. Let us all play a part in continuing to share black voices around the world.

Written by: Jason Francis

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