Professional sports has become an integral part of everyday American culture. You can’t escape it. Stop at a bar, all the TV’s are playing highlights or live games. Stop in the kitchen at work, you’re bound to hear a coworkers personal hot take about whatever is going on in the sports world. We’re addicted. We’re addicted to the competition, the storylines and all the drama, and there is no other time in the year that we get so much raw uncut straight-to-the-vein sports action than in October. 

Late October, the time when all major sports leagues are in play. The NFL and College football are nearly half way through their respective seasons and we’re starting to get a picture of who the real championship contenders are. The NHL, which kicks-off in September, is nearly a month in, and all the hard hitting, fast skating action is in full effect. Major League Baseball’s two League Championship Series come to a close, and the Fall Classic (the World Series if you don’t follow baseball) begins. And the NBA, oh the NBA with all it’s drama, rivalries, and player movement kicks-off it’s season. And we stay glued to our TV’s and mobile devices from coast to coast to see how all the summer free agency fireworks have changed the power structure in the league. 

One 24 hour period in October finds all of these amazing sporting events intersecting to create the Sports Equinox. A time where sports fans take random PTO just to order from Postmates, sit on the couch and overdose on sports. If this sounds like you, here’s what you have in store.




24 Hours of Sports Glory 

Somehow the sports gods gave us two major sporting events and a few bonus games to watch in this insane 24 hour period. Monday, October 21st gives us a battle between AFC East division foes New York Jets and New England Patriots — good watch. But not even 24 hours later the real fireworks begin. 

Not to glaze over the fact that the NHL has a full slate of games going on that night, but let’s glaze. Because Game 1 of the World Series and Opening Night of the NBA pops that night, and God knows we’re not hyped for the Canucks vs Islanders game. We’re talking a potential Yankees vs. Dodgers matchup. Or a rematch of Astros/Dodgers. Or maybe the Cubs or Nats sneak in as the NL representative. Can’t wait, definitely must-see-tv and I’ll be watching two tv’s and my phone that night. 

Now we may be biased, because NBA Opening Night has got to be the most anticipated opening night since the lockout in 2011. Even more so with the advent of social media and the all-access stars it creates. LA Lakers vs LA Clippers? PG and the Claw vs AD and the King? Kenny, Chuck, Shaq and Ernie back on to fan the flames and give us hilarious analysis? Cannot wait, and neither can the millions of hoops fans that stayed glued to Twitter all summer waiting for Shams of Woj to drop free agency or draft news. 

Boy, October — It’s going to be fun.


Written by Tyree Hicks-Perkins

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