The Stay Safe Checklist: Avoid doing these things during Covid-19

The Stay Safe Checklist: Avoid doing these things during Covid-19


Fact: COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. Shaking hands has become a thing of the past and coughing in public borders on committing a felony—the virus has made us second guess everything. What was once considered normal behavior (way back in February) is now known to increase our chances of spreading the virus or even getting it. So, we put together a list of actions that increase your chances of contracting Coronavirus, so you can avoid them and do your part in slowing the spread of the virus.

Nail Biting 

Anxiety is high these days. And it may trigger some of your bad habits. Just to be clear, germs have a permanent address underneath your nails. Nails are like “caves” where viruses can congregate to discuss taking over your body. When you bite them, you expose your mouth to this. There’s no word if COVID-19 is found specifically in nails, but why take any chances? 


Face Touching 

The CDC says face touching is a no-no. We unknowingly touch our faces several times a day. It’s one of those things that’s hard to stop and easy to do. The fingertips can carry viral diseases, although a recent study has found that it is much harder to contract Coronavirus by touching surfaces, you’re better off safe than sorry. Be better about cleansing your face. Use a daily cleanser like Scotch Porter Face Wash, it can reduce your chances of spreading harmful germs to your face.  


Infrequent Showers 

Ok, we got it—the days start to look the same when you’re working from home and social distancing. So much so, that you may forget to shower one day. Don’t let your grooming routine collapse by not keeping your body clean. We know that the virus can attach itself to clothing fabrics and the body so build your defensive wall with an elongated shower routine filled with steam, good music, highly effective cleaning products.


Dirty Bedding 

Long hours of uninterrupted sleep can be considered beauty rest, but there’s nothing pretty about viral infections. The place you sleep should be your sanctuary and the best way to stay safe between the sheets (other than condoms) is to keep your bedding clean. We’re not trying to turn you into complete germaphobes, but during the pandemic, having a heightened awareness is a must. 

We hope these tips help keep you on your toes. Stay healthy, stay safe!

Words by: Darius Davie

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