Written By Isaac Simpson

Boxing might seem like the least yoga-like sport in existence, but a new trend seems to say otherwise. Like Cycling and HIIT, boxing is becoming a group fitness religion just like yoga. Gyms like Box Union, Rumble, and Box + Flow are popping up everywhere. They feature group fitness boxing classes in dark rooms with intense music, microphoned instructors, and mindfulness mantras. Welcome to the world of “Mindful Boxing.”

What to Expect

Yoga mixed with boxing sounds a little ridiculous, but it’s not actually as ridiculous as it sounds. The ultra-popular workouts are known for their intensity and the community that grows around them. If you go to a class, you should expect a smooth and friendly check-in procedure where you’re welcomed to your “new family.”

Inside the fitness room, heavy punching bags hang in rows. Each person gets their own bag, gloves, and set of weights. It’s a tough workout, but there isn’t much serious boxing technique involved. Actual boxers would probably laugh at Savasana-style pep talk at the end, but hey, your arms will still feel like lead from giving the bag the business.  

Dos and Don’ts

If you’ve been to a Soul Cycle or a CorePower Yoga class, you’ll be prepared for Mindful Boxing. It’s the same sort of deal. Be prepared to get super hype, sweat through your clothes, and leave with a crush on the person you worked out next to. So bring tons of water, and definitely wear your finest athleisure. These classes are all about feeling great just as much as looking great.

Don’t slouch. This is your new “family,” remember, and you don’t want to look bad in front of them. Part of what makes these classes so successful is that you feel pressure to perform in front of the others (particularly your new crush).



Most importantly, come ready to have fun. Go in there like you’re walking into a nightclub, ready to dance and not being afraid to look silly. Some of the moves are totally cringeworthy, and the instructor is basically doing a dance performance/motivational speech on a raised platform in front of you. So pretend they’re your favorite DJ and let yourself go.



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