Written By Tyree Hicks


Luxury vacations aren't just for the ladies.  Guys need a little R&R too. Or an epic 72-hour bachelor party vacation that’ll be tattooed in their memories for the rest of their lives.  While embarking on a self- reflective, “meaning of life” voyage sounds poetic and fulfilling, most dudes go for things like beautiful women, boos and action sports.  In San Juan, you can boss-up and have a private cigar and tequila tasting. In Las Vegas, well, you can do whatever you want thanks to the classic campaign slogan. Thinking about getting your boys together on some international s%#t? Cool. Let this be your virtual brochure.  

Sosua, Dominican Republic

This may not be the destination you want to tell your wife you have in mind for the trip with your bros.  But if you don’t have a wife, and/or your idea of a vacation is an all-inclusive erotic fantasyland full of white sand beaches and half-dressed women that are paid to attend to your every need, Sosua is the place to be.  Sosua has lots of erotic resorts and a hardcore singles scene dominated by Dominican women looking for single men to take them out. It’s also fairly inexpensive compared to other island vacay’s.


Bangkok, Thailand

Ever seen The Hangover Part II?  It took place in Bangkok. You’re not going to get the expansive white beaches from Sosua, in Bangkok, but you will enjoy yourself.  Here’s the truth about Thailand: everything is illegal. Oddly enough, everything raunchy and self-indulging is fair game in Bangkok as well.  The most important thing to know about Thailand — it’s cheap and the government turns a blind eye to things like gambling and happy-ending massages.  If you want to reenact the movie, you can stay in Lebua’s Hangover Suite which includes a fully-stocked bar and a bunch of games like Foosball and ping-pong.  Have fun!


Ibiza, Spain

Do you want to just rage?  Like, literally round the clock? Europeans tend to be better at partying than us Americans, and the youngins’ in Ibiza do it right.  Ibiza is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, about 50 miles off the coast of Valencia — it’s beautiful. Some of the best clubs in the world are in Ibiza like Space Ibiza (which won Best Club In The World a number of times), and Privilege, which is the world’s largest nightclub according to the Guinness Book of World Records and once was hosted notables like Freddie Mercury (Queen) and Grace Jones.


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