With warm weather in full swing, we can kiss the cold winds goodbye and send the snow storms packing. We've resurrected our lighter fabrics and grabbed a few of those tiki umbrellas for our Summer cocktails. As the sun to lays down its rays of glory, this is a good time to review your personal check list of “seasonal self-maintenance.” During the Winter, we may have let certain stylistic practices take a back seat but that’s about to change. Below are a few tips to keep in mind as we bury the old habits and kick start a new day.

Beard: The Takedown

So you’ve been growing that beard over the last five to six months with a considerable amount of progress. It’s definitely something to celebrate. And after peeping Scotch Porter’s latest collection, Shave, there may be some contemplation about what to do with it next. It’s simple, trim it down. There’s no need to throw the whole beard or all of the facial hair in a casket just yet. The hot weather may bring on some sour conditions like humidity, so properly prepare by shortening your facial hair. It’ll be one less thing to worry about throughout your day.

Note: If you have clippers at home, grab a 1 ½ (plastic guard) and start trimming. It’s a length that maintains the beard but surpasses stubble.

Buzz Cut

Actors like Omari Hardwick and even JR Smith or rapper T.I. are proof that the buzz cut has a timelessness that will never meet the grim reaper. It holds a reputation as a maintenance-free (not including shampooing and conditioning) look that still presents strong facial features for the proper man. As the season brings on the heat, let your scalp breathe a little. A shorter look that lets your facial features take center stage may not be a bad idea. Plus, who wouldn’t want to look as dashing and dapper as Omari’s character, Ghost or even Tommy, from the hit show Power, who both model buzz cuts? There are variations of buzz cuts, you can consult with your barber to find what best compliments your features. From low fades to Houston Texas fades and everything in between, there’s something for everyone; take a chance and get a fresh start with a clean cut during the warmer seasons.

Body Hair Removal

The colder days may have been a good enough excuse for why you’ve got body hair growing that resembles an abandoned field the size of Central Park, but the impending heat will most certainly hold you accountable for your choices. Areas like the groin are top priority for a trim down. Sweat buildup can be the cause of various bacterial issues if not properly cared for. Who knows, a first time waxing may be in your future. Also, by showing your leg hair some attention, you can sport your favorite festive socks and those bold ankles you’ve been dying to show after copping those high waters. Trust, that special someone won’t be disappointment laying up with a man who’s got skin smooth as butter.

Calorie Cutdown

Now we’re not saying to annihilate sweet or sugary foods completely, but that Michael B. Jordan body won’t be coming anytime soon if this pattern continues. The heat has a way of bringing about a wakeup call of healthy habits. 

Whether getting ready for the beach, sporting that new polo, or just prepping for a selfie, your hard work will pay off. That Summer body  will keep you on “Mr. Irresistible" mode. A little goes a long way when it comes to health and wellness. Good practices include incorporating workout days (2 to 4 times per week), eliminating late night munchies (RIP to ice cream binges), and even a visit to to your physician are all part of the process. You’ll be begin to notice immediate results once you’ve incorporated the right behaviors. Beware, don’t fall for the infomercial hype of protein eating and pill-popping, just evaluate your current diet and consult a professional.

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