We See You: Thank You to Our Fallen & Those Still Standing

We See You: Thank You to Our Fallen & Those Still Standing


The warm weather is officially upon us. Outdoor dining, festivals, seasonal gym-attendance, tiki-bar hunts, and Scotch Porter skin product orders -- lol -- are all starting to peak. But before summer behavior can commence, I think it befitting that we all pause to pay homage in observance of Memorial Day. Originally called Decoration Day, the first holiday was celebrated in 1868, following the end of the Civil War. It was an opportunity for Americans to acknowledge the sacrifice our soldiers made. On Decoration Day, now Memorial Day, people would decorate the graves of soldiers who died in active duty. Here we are, 149 Memorial Day’s later and over a million service men and women have lost their lives.

The greatest things about this nation are our freedoms, and the men and women who so strongly believe in them that they are willing to die for them. These men and women are principled, honorable, the manifestation of ‘No guts, no glory’, and true bad @%ses. I've always been a fan of action movies. I love them for the theatrics, the thrill, the heroes, and the moving heroic acts; but in reality, these are all things we don’t have to turn on a movie to experience. We have real life heroes before us. Our military is made up of special men and women ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for so many reasons, including our freedom and liberties. These men and women are real heroes, and truly honorable. Despite their own fears, despite the injustices they themselves may have faced, despite social status, and despite political views, they have given their lives to ensure the posterity of this nation. To date, 1,196,793 men and women have paid this ultimate price. Today we offer acknowledgement, and sincere appreciation to them and their families. They have paid with their lives, so you and I can continue to have access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We salute them.

We thank the men and women currently serving to protect this land and our rights. This Memorial Day, look beyond the sales, beyond the barbeques, and look to your hearts and say thank you to those who have and those who continue to pay the ultimate price. Oohrah!

In addition to your tradition, here are a few ways to observe Memorial Day this year

  • Visit a memorial
  • Place flowers or the American flag on the grave of a fallen soldier
  • Give to a charity which helps to support the families of fallen soldiers
  • Participate in the National Moment of Remembrance (on Memorial Day at 3pm)
  • Create your own way to show appreciation to the men and women who have given their lives, for the best thank you’s are the heartfelt ones

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