Scotch Porter X Adrian Marcel: Daily Face & Hair Bundle

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Spring is here which means your Face and Hair need the right set of products to be on point!

Introducing the Adrian Marcel x Scotch Porter Daily Face & Hair Bundle. Curated by Platinum selling R&B Singer Adrian Marcel, this bundle includes three of his favorite Scotch Porter products. 

"Every morning and evening, I wash my face to keep my skin clean and moisturized. When it comes to my hair, keeping it moisturized is key especially when it comes to maintaining my waves. In addition to using the Scotch Porter Hair Balm, I brush my hair at least 3x's a day."                 - Adrian Marcel                                                                               

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Self care is a huge part of Adrian's daily routine. As global R&B sensation and a dad of three, it's key to keep his internal and external grooming in check.

"I've always set goals for myself in entertainment and life and I know the only reason I've never quit is because the of the level of faith I carry. I'm big on mental and spiritual growth. Any time I can give to becoming the best version of myself, I do." - Adrian Marcel

Available exclusively on, this limited-edition Adrian Marcel x Scotch Porter Bundle retails for $44.99 and includes just what you need for your daily face and hair care needs. This bundle includes:

  • The Scotch Porter Daily Face Care Bundle: It provides the basics needed to have clean, smooth skin every day. Infused with SP's Skin Renewal Complex, this bundle cleanses and rescues dry skin without wreaking havoc on its natural pH balance; it controls oil and shine, minimizing the chance of breakouts. It visibly fades dark marks and blemishes over time, resulting in overall improvement to skin texture and tone.
  • The Scotch Porter Hair Balm: Enriched with Marshmallow Root, Agave Nectar and Broccoli Seed Oil our Hair Balm creates shine, definition and texture without the stiffness and residue of a heavy pomade or gel. Leaves hair conditioned, silky, residue-free without weighing down your hair or irritating your scalp. Your hair will thank you for being so kind to it. Especially your waves.

Each bundle comes is a limited-edition Adrian Marcel x Scotch Porter bag, be sure to grab yours today.


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Adrian Marcel x Scotch Porter Bundle [newelement]

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