The Scotch Porter man appreciates quality. He approaches every aspect of his life – from grooming to travel and everything in between – with the same focused intent. Scotch Porter men stand apart from the rest. They have dreams, they want to look and feel good, no matter what stage of life you meet him in. It’s not just the grooming products in their cabinets that set them apart from the other guys. It’s all about how he moves through life. Here are 5 indicators of whether you’re in the presence of a Scotch Porter man: 

He invests in his appearance.

The Scotch Porter man likes to look the part. He invests time and money in the right grooming products, clothes, and accessories. He’s a collector of nice things. 

He’s always looking to improve himself.

The Scotch Porter man is never complacent. He’s always thinking about how to be at least a little better at everything, from healthy thinking to being the best hooper on the court. He doesn’t accept mediocrity. 

He takes every opportunity to see more.

The Scotch Porter man wants to see the world. He likes the experience of traveling. He wants to engage new people, experience new places and be exposed to any and everything that’ll help fill his cup. 

He steps into leadership roles with confidence.

The Scotch Porter man stands out in his circle. People around him trust his opinions, judgement, and turn to him for leadership. 

He cares about health and wellness.

The Scotch Porter man knows that how he feels physically is just as important as how he looks. He’s aware of what he puts in his body and makes strides towards living a healthier life each day. 

Hats off to the Scotch Porter man, tried and true or newly coming into his own. Any man who checks these off his list recognizes that impressions matter, dreams are key, and action is everything… And no matter who you are, it’s always the right time for a level up; add these habits to your repertoire and the level up will be like no other. The Scotch Porter man isn’t a bad stick by which to be measured.



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