Hey, fellas! You've got your grooming game on point with Scotch Porter (we hope), but now it's time to level up your dating game too. If you're wondering how to ask someone on a date and get a jump on cuffing season, we've got your back. We're dropping some knowledge on you and helping you boost your swag, confidence, and overall dating success. 


Grooming Is Key: 

When you're getting ready to ask someone out, make sure you're looking fresh and fly. Your grooming routine can boost your confidence. A clean-cut beard and soft skin will have you feeling your best. We suggest our Head-to-Toe Collection for the best results.  


Dress to Impress: 

First impressions matter, so dress to impress. Put on an outfit that showcases your style and personality. Your look, combined with Scotch Porter's grooming essentials, will have heads turning your way. 


Keep It Real: 

Authenticity is the name of the game. When you ask someone on a date, be yourself. Use your own knowledge, charisma, and swag. Confidence comes from staying true to who you are. 


Choose the Right Location: 

Don't just ask someone out; plan an awesome date! Find a spot that suits both of your vibes and maybe even ask them what’s something they have been wanting to do! It could be a cozy drive-in movie theater, a trendy restaurant, or a competitive activity, just make sure you plan it out.  


Don't Overthink It: 

Keep it chill, bro! Overthinking can kill your confidence. Just be straightforward and ask. Remember, rejection is part of the game, and it's all good. Scotch Porter's got your back no matter what. Our favorite thing to boost our confidence is smelling good. Our It Hits Different Collection has four fragrances for any occasion.  


Timing Is Everything: 

Pick the right moment to ask. Make sure you're both relaxed and vibing. A natural flow makes it easier to drop that date invitation. 


Follow Up: 

Once you've scored the date, keep the communication flowing. A follow-up text or call shows you're interested and invested. 



Asking someone on a date is all about style and confidence. With our 5-start grooming products to keep you looking fresh, and our tips to boost your charm, you're on the path to success. Go out there, be authentic, and make that move. Don’ t forget to tell us how it goes.  😉 

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